By George Webb
January 2, 2023
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George Webb

In the House of Representatives in the Imran Awan Sping. So what I've done here is created a checklist. Who in the Congress used a Blackberry? Like the State Department? Teneo Blackberries. That's a check for Imran Awan. That's gonna be a check for Nancy Pelosi. It's gonna be a check for Adam Schiff. We have him communicating directly with Peter Str

so we really wanna look at their, their communication. We know Carrie used an encrypted blackberry also. These were paired with illegal. Gmail accounts. Remember, our Public records act says you have to have a g uh, a, a recoverable account that could be produced with the freedom of information request that didn't meet that criteria.

We know Victoria Newland, at the State Department didn't, meet that requirement. We know Jonathan Weiner, the key, assistant to John Kerry did, didn't ha meet that requirement. We know he had an encrypted Blackberry. He know Alvi, the wife of Imran, Juan Ray Aass. And here's Rama Emanuel and I put even Ben Rhodes here.

You may remember him crying when Hillary lost. What other thing do these people all have in common? Well, state Department and the Iran nuclear deal, again in the illegal deal done by the United States of America. And you're gonna find every one of these same people. Is involved. We don't wanna say yet here for those folks, in the House of Representatives.

But the reason why I think you're gonna have a check here for Imran one and the House of Representatives for the Imran, for the Iran nuclear deal is because he had key contacts with a person as a known hez. Operative and that's all atar. So I'm gonna just put an H in there as a placeholder. We don't know the answer to that yet, and we'll answer these later.

Now, to get to the root, to get to the root of the network, how do you do that? You go to the administrator. The administrator has the rights and and creation capability for all these people. That's how you get to the truth the quickest. Who had the DNC access and the D Triple C? This is the congressional.

Who had that access? Imran one, and of course Imran one spy team had that. And then who had the terabytes to Pakistan? Who was dropping things to the 1, 2, 3 Dropbox? Well, I'm gonna venture a guess. I'll just say question marks at this point. But we know that there's 45 people in the House of Representatives that were dropping things to the 1 23 Dropbox for extra credit.

Mr. Radcliffe at od and I. Tell me what got dropped into the 1 23 Dropbox. Remember, these are terabytes going to Pakistan's, is it coronavirus as Paul, talked about, with Moderna? Are these recipes for drugs, for vaccines that can be sold? , to the American people. After the American people are poisoned after they're infected.

We don't know what they are, but we do know the that the WANs had several corporations that they formed. One was New Dawn Corporation, which was seeming to be very military tech related. Another one was called Biopharma. That seems to be pharmacological and. Biology related. There was other, corporations they had as well called Animal Pharma and Awan Pharma.

So all the indications are right now that these secrets, these terabytes were drugs, drugs coming out of the Library of Congress, that were in process with the fda, but not approved yet. But now they were giving a headstart to these military programs. This is gonna be called the D S T O. It's, it's the Pakistani.