#23 João Zecchin Fuse Captial
    João Zecchin

    I made a million when I was 20. No, 24. I think


    That's crazy. No. Like when when you think about it is a young or for you probably normal now, but

    João Zecchin

    No, no, it was really nice. Course I celebrated a lot, I liked it as a milestone, but again, not building anything and not having any purpose always felt something lacking. that's what drove me kind of to pivot more to this entrepreneurial side.



    Okay. Cause you also started to import helicopters.

    Hello and Welcome to Defire

    Hello and welcome to Defire the Crypto Storytelling Podcast for your commute today. My name is Jonas, and today on the show, João Zecchin. João is a Brazilian entrepreneur and investor from Rio Janeiro. He started an investment firm when he was only 19 years old. Then he made a small fortune as a bond trader in Miami, and that led him to start buying helicopters in the US and fly them all the way down to Brazil I wasn't even aware that you could do that. Nowadays João is investing in crypto companies with a connection to real life and currently raising a new crypto fund focused on Latin America with his latest company, Fuse Capital. I hope you enjoy this discussion with João, but before we start a quick word from our sponsor.

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