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    So many of us are so passionate about this work, and so there is often a desire to do more work more so I would say there's an unlearning process around that. It's one thing to say, we're gonna cut back our hours, or we're gonna start creating boundaries and saying no to things. But the implementation of that can be very challenging.


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    This week on the podcast, we're discussing work-life balance and the rise of the four day work week. There's no denying that the pandemic has been difficult on all of us. Staff have worked extra hard for a long time and the lines between personal and professional lives have been blurred with everyone working from home.

    A growing number of organizations, mostly companies, but also nonprofits have started to explore new ways of working and providing more flexibility to employees. If the pandemic was the catalyst of the rise of the four day work week competition for talent is certainly another factor. At Imagine, Canada, we're currently testing the four day work week.

    We launched a six month pilot project at the beginning of January. We're also seeing other organizations have started testing a shorter work week some time ago, and one of them is Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia. We're grateful to welcome their executive director, Annika Volten, and to learn more about their experience and share their learnings.

    Annika, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today.


    Hey Bruce. Thanks so much for having me.


    Glad you could be here. So, we're just gonna kick off talking a little bit about the organization. You know, both of our organizations have similar missions. Your organization Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia advocates for, supports, and amplifies the shared voice at work of the community impact sector.

    So to start off with, and just to warm things up, how are nonprofit organizations in Nova Scotia doing these days?

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