Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly (Part 2) Born. Alive. Noise. Gone.
    Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly

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    ah, it was a culture. Recovery and stimulants, and that's a sick animal. My right is to go to sleep happy and to wake up vibrant and confident that every possibility on exploring what life's about. Is mine. I don't have to pay rent for that. Tax for that, none of that. It's mine. Jz, I'll smoke a lot, but I get green.

    But Nob, I believe that there's billions being spent on making sure people are miserable in order for other people to feel. And a contrast to that to feel special like smiling is in exclusivity. You can only make it exclusive if everybody else is crying.

    I was given this intelligence and this strength for service, and only when I'm in service do I. My reality. See, I don't have any. I'm just here. What gives me a buzz is being surrounded with other healthy people that are here too. You can either choose to keep people afloat and be surrounded with little boats with people having a great time, or be the only yacht in the desert about all the brand that I sent you.

    You getting mad. I'm sitting back. I'm fucked up. I'm getting trash. Gotta go. I. The models that deformed human beings. That's what I'm at. War with those behaviors and protocols that have seated. Our behavior that we hang onto and call it culture that ruins the art, the flexibility and the fluidity of human beings.

    I'm at war with that word for like, no, shut up to them boys. They got like, just remember.

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    Hello everyone. I can't believe I'm saying this, but welcome to episode 102 of the Face World Podcast. This is your host, Fay. Episode 100 was a breakthrough for us. Two and a half years into the making a hundred conversations later.

    We have learned a lot of lessons along the way. I cannot wait to share some of them with you in a mini episode Soon with this new milestone, we relaunched our brand and a new website. To help you more easily engage with Face World content, drop us a note on the blog or social. We would love to hear from you today.

    I am joined by Johnny Bang Riley Basin, Holland. Johnny is a transient poet, a voiceover artist, and a father every day. He works to find his natural vibrancy and vitality and supports others in finding their own. He's true to himself and to the people he connects with through his words. This episode does contain strong and explicit language, so please plan accordingly if you're around children or if you are at work.

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