Deep Dive Questions and Answers - feat. Mikyla Marie Manu of Ink and Press Co.

    Welcome to the Biz Batch Podcast, where we make biz strategy a piece of cake. I'm Elizabeth. And I'm Cammy, but you might know us better. As Eliza and Calligraphy and Cammy Monet, we want to help you, our fellow Stationers artists and calligraphers confidently build a profitable and personality driven creative biz.

    We're here to share our honest to goodness advice and actionable strategies for ambitious artists. So put on your party hat. Quit being a procrastinator gator, and let's get this party started. Hello everybody. Welcome back to the Biz Birthday Bash podcast. Today I have Mackayla of Ink and press co with me.

    Hello Mikayla, Welcome to the show. Hi, how are you? I'm good. Thank you for being willing to jump on here, and thank you for opening up the. Questions to your audience are asking your followers specifically what they wanted to hear from you because this is gonna be really fun. It's a little different from what we usually do , which is a basically back and forth q and a style with mackayla because you guys asked so many good questions to her that I couldn't narrow it down to just one.

    That didn't really seem fair, . No, I love it. And honestly, thank you so much for having me on the show. I mentioned that like I have been a big fan of the bis Birthday Bash podcast since you guys launched, and so I'm super humbled and very flatter to be here and am just really excited about this opportunity to be able to chat with you and kind of go through some of these really great questions that everybody.

    Thank you. Thank you so much. It's really exciting actually. I love it when listeners turn into episode guests, I feel like that's the best way. , Oh my gosh. To go about it. I'm so flattered because I've listened to all of the other guest podcasts and it's just like so funny. I mean, I never thought that like I would ever be on the show because I think, you know, we all feel like we're still beginners and we're still learning and we're still students.

    So yeah, in my mind I was like, Oh, what would I have to share? But to know that people want to hear from me and on the show was like a very like, Oh my gosh, I feel so flattered. like a very, like, Wow, thank you. I also feel like I'm so unqualified, but I mean, I'm totally here for it. Totally, definitely a compliment and I feel like anybody at any stage always has something to share.

    So hopefully it's a little bit of a confidence booster if anything else, , that people are like, Hey, I really want Mikayla to be on the podcast. So I'll read your official bio before we jump into the rest of the question. So for anybody who does not know Mikayla, she is an Idaho native, married to a New Zealand Kiwi, the owner and designer behind in Press Co an artist of many forms.

    Mikayla is passionate about meaningful design and draws her greatest inspiration from the works of her favorite artists. Mikayla is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, but works with couples from all around the world and her work has been featured on Vogue. Martha Stewart, Weddings Bride Style Me. Pretty published in the Not Adorn Magazine and more.

    All right everyone. So that is the official bio from Mikayla. But now I want her to tell us in her own words a little bit about her journey. And actually this is a perfect segue into the questions from our listeners, from people in Mikayla's audience who I also recognize some names. There's totally some crossover here.

    So the first one is from Priscilla Basilio, and she wants to know Mackayla about your entry into the stationary world and why you were drawn to this as a career path, and also include how long you've been doing it and little things like that, . Yeah. So this upcoming November will officially be five years of doing ink and press, which feels like the blink of an eye, and also like the longest time stretch simultaneously.

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