Recording voiceover
By Andrew Mason
October 13, 2021
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Okay. In this video, I'm going to show you how you can use Descript To record a video with a scripted voiceover and a lot of B roll from screen recordings playing over top.

We have another tutorial video where I edit a blog that might be a better place to start, but this is a slightly different editing technique that's quite common it's how I make all of our product demos for Descript. And it uses some different techniques.

So first of all, just to give you a sense of where we're going to end up, this is what the editor looks like for a video I made that's covering our new project sidebar. I'll just play a little bit of it.


Today's big feature is a new project sidebar that combines your compositions and project files into one place. Now you can organize everything into folders, not just your compositions, filter your sidebar by tight pork.


Now that we've seen how it ends. Let's start from the beginning.

Recording voiceover

So here I have an empty project and . The way I'd like to make these videos is first by recording the voiceover. So you can see, I have a script here and what I do is I hit the record button and I confirm that my microphone is set up correctly. And then I just hit record to start recording. so I'm just going to go ahead and read my entire script.

all right, I've completed my recording. And now I just want to play a little bit of it back for you. So you can hear how I record these voiceovers.


Today's big feature is a today's big feature is a new project sidebar that combines your projects and competence that that can be that combines your compositions and project files into one place.


So you'll notice that I make a lot of mistakes. And the cool thing about using Descript is that it's so easy to edit, that I don't stop when I make a mistake. I just keep going and keep repeating the line until I get it a way that I like, and then I can go back and clean it up and I can often get quite far without even playing it back and just reading the script so I can go here. Delete these and delete this, and it deletes it, not just from the text, but also from the audio and the same thing here.

And let's try playing that back. Oops. And I just realized that I deleted a little bit too much, so I can go back here and untrimmed it. All right. Let's listen.


Today's big feature is a new project sidebar that combines your compositions and project files into one place.

Adding screen recording B Roll

All right. The next thing I'm going to do is start overlaying this voiceover with what is often called B roll, but it's just video of my screen highlighting these features.

So I think I wanna have my first clip here just showing the new sidebar, and then maybe I want to add a second clip, and I'll just add a line break to so that I can remember that.

All right. So for this first video, I just want to show the sidebar. So first I'll open a project that has a bunch of stuff in the sidebar.

Get this out of the way. And now I'll do a little recording using descript screen recorder. And to do that, I click here in this case. I don't want any audio. I don't want my webcam to show, I don't want computer audio and I hit start screen recording. If I hold the shift key, when I'm drawing my screen recording, it will snap to 16 by nine resolution.

So I can get everything lined up nicely and then start recording.

All right. So now I have a preview of my video and I just want to copy this into my existing project. So I hit copy to clipboard. Let me bring my original project back up here, and then I can just hit pay. And it's showing me that it ends right about there, which is a little bit short. So what I can do is right click and at a freeze frame, and it will just take a single frame and extend that track so that it's long.

And I want it to end right about there. So I can just trim this to here, delete that. And now I've got my first video lined up here.

D script today's big feature is a new project. Now I want to zoom in on that sidebar, maybe when I'm mentioning it. So I'll just put my cursor there in add a queue. So I press command K to open the conductor and then I can just type zoom and adjust the position.

All right. So I've got my first screen recording in there. Now I can go back here to the original video file and delete this, or just close it.

And now I'm going to take a second screen recording that I can use to highlight the filter.

Same thing here. I just hit the copy button And I'll paste here. And now I have these two videos and I can just drag that right up to the edge. If I want to have a transition, I can make sure that they overlap, and then I can add a fade.

Filter your sidebar by type or keyword and now.

And I can adjust this to have it at the door, your sidebar by type or keyword. And now in India. All right, you get the idea and you can just go through your entire video like this, adding B roll as you go.

Title sequence

The next thing I'll do is add my intro sequence. And for that, I have this title animation that I often use. I can just drag that into the beginning of my video.

And you'll notice there's a little bit of silence here. So I'm just going to trim that

it's Tuesday, June 15th. And we've just about, there is where I want a title to come in so I can press command K insert title. And then just use my fades and my timeline to get everything lined up properly. And I'm going to go ahead and move my screen recording underneath the title sequence. So move to bottom.


Today's big feature is a new project sidebar. Okay. And as a final step, I want to add music and I can do that by just taking my music file and same thing, dragging it as a pinch. And now I have my background music. It goes on way too long. I can tell already. So I can just drag it here at a fade out. And there's a little bit of silence at the beginning.

So let's give that a try. It's Tuesday, June 15th. And we, and if I don't like the levels, I can just go into the inspector and pull down the volume to make sure that I can hear the voice.

It's Tuesday, June 15th, and we've just released a new version of Descript.

That's it. Hopefully that gives you a sense of how easy and fast it can be to create this kind of scripted screen recording video using descript.