How to 10X Your Account
By Ernie Varitimos
December 17, 2021
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How to 10X Your Account

All right. 3, 2, 1, and we're live. Yep. Got that one down. Are you doing friends or any here? This is the zero days to expiration podcast. The zero dash D T E podcast, episode number 66 66 episodes 66. Shows with incredible content, at least in my opinion, today's show I have entitled it. How to 10 X your account trading zero DTE.

Now I understand fully that that is a clickbait title, however, or is it, is it really quick bait? Yeah, it's clickbait, but is it true? Well, I, I think that you can 10 X any account, with almost any strategy, I would say that if there were a strategy that has a good chance of 10, X-ing an account, this is definitely it.

Now mileage may vary depending upon the person, the market. Of course, you cannot squeeze blood out of a stone. If the market's not there. You're not going to make any money, no matter what the strategy is.

. The market will give you something different every day. Sometimes it will give you gobs of opportunity. Other times it will give you smidgens sometimes none at all. But if you have a strategy that you can set up that where you can take advantage of this, it's certainly worth looking at now.

Let's say that you have a $3,000 account, which is what I started with in my service, the reference account.

The size of your position may be anywhere from 75 to $200. That's anywhere from one and a half to 2% to as much as 10% of your account size when you have a position size that, that that's that large versus your equity, you're going to experience a great deal of.

Volatility in your growth equity curve and that's normal and it's okay. So long as the strategy is strong, you can get over that and you can endure losses because the gains will be so big. And because they have the kind of, um, character that I've put into it, that you can go after much larger wins. And S and whether the losses, because they're so small.

So now you have a strategy that is conducive to a small account, withstand some of the growth volatility. Until you can leapfrog over it and get to a slightly larger size, let's say in the five to $7,000 range. Now you have, instead of say five to 10% risk per trade, now you're working on one to 3% of your account size.

That's a lot easier where you can reduce the overall volatility of your account growth. Your. You're a draw down as a percent of your net profit or your net profit as a percent of your draw down, uh, becomes larger. In other words, your net profit is larger compared to your average draw down. That means that your growth curve.

Has ever shrinking volatility and now it's a smoother and smoother growth curve. The more money you have in your account and the smaller, your position sizes relative to your account. Now, what I've been, what I've managed to do since I started the survey. In April, starting with a $3,000 account is bringing it up to almost 9,000.