Foxies.Art with Adryenn Ashley
By Erin Cell
February 18, 2022
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Welcome to The Nifty Chicks. In this episode, we'll be hearing from Adryenn Ashley, the kick-ass founder of Foxies. She'll be sharing with us, her story, including the times she had to act like a boy to be accepted when diving into the start of the internet. Let's do this.

All right. Hello everyone. I am JeNFT here with my co-host Mint-Ecell. How are you?


Hi, I'm good. How are you?


I am a good by the way, your hair looks amazing.


Thank you. I just got back from a new salon that I tried out today and I was very happy with the results


I've been. I've been a little nervous to be honest to try Puerto Rico hairstylist. And I have no idea why, because your hair, it looks fabulous so well, I was, I was really nervous too. I actually, last time I had my hair done, I did it in Dallas because I was there and had the time and why not? And then. I was, you know, we have a million WhatsApp groups here in Puerto Rico and somebody had posted and they were, they were saying how much they liked it and that they did a great job.


And so I went and looked on their Instagram and I thought they did a good job. So I figured I'd try it out.


Well, it looks amazing. So I got to check that out. All right. Shall we dive in?


So it's funny because while I was getting my hair done today, of course, you know, you can't really do much else. So I was on Twitter and discord and looking at stuff and I was very surprised to see, let me share my screen so you guys can see the news articles.

Warren buffet recently invested a billion dollars in a Bitcoin friendly bank, Nubank. Yeah. It's really funny to me for multiple reasons, but I studied Warren buffet when I was in college for marketing and business, I worked for a Berkshire Hathaway company for many, many years.

Part of the reason I left was actually because Berkshire bought it, it used to be a great company and they turned it into, I mean, it's still a good company, but they just, they took the. What I felt was like more relationship and they made it more corporate and just felt like they didn't care about you anymore.

And you know, Warren has said that Bitcoin is like rat poison. So I find it really interesting that he took, he, I think he saw Visa and MasterCard holdings in order to invest in this Bitcoin friendly, Nubank.


Interesting. Yeah, he he's a, he has his own style of investing for sure. And. You know, his many in the financial world would call it traditional, traditional style, old school style.

And it's nice to see that he is breaking into kind of this new space because to me that's a sign that we should be bullish. Of course, no investment advice here. I personally am bullish on that, especially when I hear that traditional investors are now starting to get into crypto. So that's, that's exciting.

Yeah, I agree. Cool. So speaking of traditional banks, yeah, yeah. I mean, how cool is this? So JP Morgan, as you can see on the screen stake, the claim in the metaverse with decentraland lounge. So there's a little a picture of it and they created a legitimate lounge in the metaverse, which I think is really cool and super interesting along the lines is what we just said about Warren Buffet is JP Morgan, you know, they're, but I wouldn't call them as a, from super dirt traditional.

They're not shy away from you know, some kind of future forward-thinking investing, but I mean, how cool is it that they are getting into this space? To me, that's it. You're going to start hearing these names. I obviously there's a lot of fortune 500 names in there already. I it's to get these banks involved, I think is, is a really good sign that we all need to be in the metaverse because if they are then we are.


Yeah, I agree. Speaking of I'm curious, cause we haven't really talked about it much, but what, where is your favorite place in the metaverse to hang out? Because there's different places.


That is a really good question. So I personally like the features of decentral land the most, I think it's a little bit more lifelike.

It's, it's kind of real, it feels a little bit more real. You can walk, you can run, you can jump, you can engage with other people. I like decentral land. I like you know, that, like I said, some of the features, some of the possibilities, some of the building opportunities there, the land opportunities there.

But sandbox is also, I mean right there with decentral land. You know, you've got a lot of big names in sandbox and, and you know, a lot of corporate names, a lot of companies that are trying to get into the space, Snoop Dogg obviously is a huge name and who's creating, I believe a concert venue in sandbox.

So I think what I don't like about sandboxes is a little blocky. So like the characters are a little blocky. Doesn't feel. You know, it's you, right. And the ability to customize your, your kind of avatar is not as I would say. You know, as next level as decentral land has created, but I mean, both of them are incredible lands.

I have yet to see or engage with Meta. But I mean, I talk about a company that has no, no short of a shortage of funds here. So I imagined Meta is going to be a pretty huge metaverse once. Launches. But there's a lot of them, you know, there's a lot, it, I can't even count the amount of meta verses that there that exist today.

Even smaller ones, you know, Roblox, I haven't dabbled in Roblox, but I, I know that that's a, that's a company kind of appealing to the younger generation.


So you think that there's gonna be like a few clear winners here? I don't, I don't think that we can sustain having. All of these choices and having them all be successful.


I completely agree. I think there are going to be a few clear winners, just like you mentioned. And I think the smaller guys are going to do what they can to keep their ecosystem going. And it will appeal to specific people who don't like the big box stores. So just like you go shop. There are some people who refuse to walk into a Walmart or to who we refuse to walk into a whole foods who will always go to the mom and pop shop and those people, I think if, if done well and done smartly, the smaller Meta verses can appeal to those people.

If, if they, if they do that in the right way.

Yeah. It's like you build your community there. Right? Exactly. It's like your neighborhood. Yes. Yeah, exactly. And you know, you're going to, I think we're going to get to a point, of course. You know, forward thinking, who knows what? That don't have a crystal ball, but I think we're going to get to a point where we're spending just as much time living in the metaverse as we do real life.

And you're going to want to make sure that you're engaging on a daily basis with the people that you want to engage with and in the whole concept of, of, you know, decentralized and anonymous, like. It's going to be harder to get to know your neighbors. And but I think those small that's where I think the, the smaller guys will have the leading edge.

Cause they're going to make it as a community where you actually get to know one another.


Yeah. So you mentioned something, I think it's funny that you brought it up, but Snoop Dogg. And the metaverse and all that, and kind of goes into one of the things that I wanted to talk about, which was a launch that happened on February 14th and just finished yesterday, sold out was done by this artist, BT with Gala Games, Gala Music, and Gala is part they're partnered with Snoop, for the launch with Gala Music.

So anyway, they did this launch with this guy, BT and Joel Comm is the one who found it and was following it and telling me about it. And it was crazy. So this, this guy, this artist, BT did this launch, he did it as a Dutch auction. They originally started the auction at, I believe it was 11 ETH. They had a floor of 8.88 ETH which is really high.

Right? Well, the community wasn't havin' it.. And so they weren't buying. And so they ended up, they took the floor off. And so it, because it was a Dutch auction, you know, the price is going down every hour, but I believe .25 ETH. So it got down to 1 ETH. Wow. And BT got, I guess was upset because it got down so low.

And so they ended up pulling the plug. They ended the auction. This was his tweet saying, I, you know, I poured a year of my heart and soul into this. The thing is, is that it's freaking awesome. The art wait until you see what he did. And so he, he was pissed I guess. And so he, they stopped it well, then they thought about it.

And of course the community's in an uproar because on their site, hold on. It says like, we will go until these are sold out. I don't know if it says it on here.

I don't know if they updated it or not, but maybe it's on here and let's see. But they said like, yeah, we'll gradually reduce over time until all orbs are sold. So when they. Stopped it, people are pissed because it's like, well, that's not what you said you were doing. So they ended up turning it back on and I actually got one.

Yeah, they are not cheap, but I got it for, I mean, I got it for a decent price. I got it for .71 ETH. And they're already, they haven't revealed yet, but basically it is, it's an never ending, like it's always changing NFT and there's music that goes with it. It's the first of its kind. It's really cool.

I have no idea when we're gonna see them reveal, but.


Yeah, I like that. FAQ. Why am I so excited about the series?


Here's no, orb will ever repeat its specific behavior. It's always changing and then it's got unique generative music. Let's see. So this says in a time of frequent technology breakthroughs, this series will stand out as one of the most important and groundbreaking achievements in art and music technology.

The implications of art that can be endlessly generous, generative are as boundless as each orbs, creativity, interest, incredible time to be alive. And we are elated to offer the opportunity of ownership for these pieces of paradigm shifting art.


Interesting, you know, it's, it's I would imagine I am not an NFT artist myself, but I would imagine you need to be, there's so many incredible projects launching every day and you have to, you know, have some sort of realistic expectation that you may not have a total smash out.

Project on day one. And unfortunately like maybe two years ago that may be different, but now we're in a stage of NFT world that there's a lot of incredible projects out there. And it's tough to, you know, be that winning project that actually. Excels on that. And so on that day one there's a lot that has to go into it.


So interesting. Yeah. It's definitely, it's definitely interesting this, I mean, this whole thing, the thing is, is that like, I get that, what he's doing is amazing and groundbreaking and, and all that, but had he sold all of these at the price they were asking, it was like an 8 million. Dollar sale, I think is what it would've come out to.

Or maybe that was maybe I'm thinking even if they sold it. And I can't remember the numbers now I'd have to go do the math, but it's, it's a lot of money. Well, there's 3300 of them, right? Yeah.



yeah. And, and take Eve as of yesterday it probably would have been just over $10 million.


Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I get the


actually no 10, 10 and a half million dollars, 10.5 million. So yeah, I mean, that's, that's a lot of money and, and these days I think, I think NFT buyers are looking for something more. I think the, the age in which a PFP project that comes with no utility is, is debt. I think.

That died with the crypto punks and the board apes. And, and now they, those, the legendary projects are building utility more and more utility because they know that in order to stay at the top, you're going to need that. So I'm interested to see what, what the plan is, what the roadmap is for these orbs, other than the fact that it's just obviously super cool art.

Obviously innovative first of its kind, but like then what else? And then what you know


oh, let's see. Oh, look, we've got a, well, they have utility. There will be two utilities and Gala Games with, okay. So there'll be, and I would imagine something with Gala Music that there they've been launching or developing.

And that's where it's talking about with Snoop and can go back to the. Twitter thread. Cause it, when I was looking this up, so Snoop dog is doing his thing on Gala Music, the stash box interesting today. So yeah. So moving on.


Yeah. I mean the stock exchange. So this is where I get a little nerdy thanks to my financial background.

But ultimately one of the the concerns I hear from people, not in the NFT space is how do I know if it's a good buy?? There's no you know, company behind it that. You know, I, I can't use you know, a true analysis. I can't look at a chart and say, okay, well, the stock is doing this, you know, on the dub, there are certain people who read charts and who can tell whether a ch you know, the stock is going to rise based on the chart.

Or a fundamental analysis, right? So a company like Apple, you can, you can look at everything that Apple has to have. It's it's, you can look at their balance sheet, you can look at their profit loss statement. You can look at all of the earnings. All of that's readily available because it's a publicly traded company.

And, but with NFTs, it's not. And so I often hear a lot of people have been like, well, how do you know if it's a good buy? How do you know where it's going? Yeah. It seems too speculative for a lot of people to get in. But this article in New York stock exchange obviously a leading stock exchange for stocks, traditional investing is looking to create an NFT marketplace.

To me, that is a sign that they're looking to kind of replicate some of the investment kind of techniques of traditional investing into NFTs. It's not just going to be, oh, I like this artwork. Therefore I'm going to buy it. Or I like the artist, therefore I'm going to buy it. It's going to be hopefully you know, a place where people can see, oh, this is the trading volume.

This is what it means. This is the roadmap. This is where all the utility is. And the, see the substance behind the project to know whether they're investing in a good project or not. So I think that. I think this is a, just a good sign. I think I would imagine the New York stock exchange has a long way to go in building and launching a mark, a marketplace, but I'm hoping that it kind of brings a level of familiarity to traditional investors into this space.

So it becomes a little less speculative.


Well, I think this kind of goes to something that we have discussed. Talking about on the show or doing a show about this. And that is the things to look at when you are considering buying NFTs and trading in NFTs, because that's a whole, I feel like buying an NFT and HODL and planning to HODL is totally different than if you're buying an NFTs with the intent to trade and.


That's right. That's right. And yeah, and I think. But, you know, I personally am a trader, but also a HODLer I hold on with dear life to the projects that are near and dear to my heart. For whatever reason, I have a relationship with the artist or whatever that is. But I also flip NFTs for profit. You know, I am, I am, I have my investor hat and I'm always looking at projects and what they're doing and trying to determine that myself and.

Me doing it myself is, is quite difficult, right? Like I don't have a, I don't have a crystal ball. No financial advisor does have a crystal ball when it comes to stocks either, but at least there's a little bit more substance to look at. So I'm kind of flying in the dark, trying to make my best judgment.

I've got a checklist and we'll go through of the thing that. Look that I look for when investing in a project, especially for those that I'm trying to flip and make a profit. But ultimately it is still new ground for me and for so many people out there. So hopefully we'll bring a little bit more of a understanding and what to look for in our, in that episode specific.


Love it. So I'm thinking that we've had enough chitchat about the news and I think we should go to our featured guest.,


That would be awesome. Okay, great. So we will bring her on, it's going to be you know, Foxies, we're going to be talking about Foxies, which is, I think is super cool project and the art is so cute and I'm so excited about it.

So I can't wait to bring her on. All right.


Welcome to the Nifty Chicks. This episode, we have the amazing Adryenn Ashley. Welcome to the show Adryenn.

Adryenn Ashley20:05

Thank you. I am so excited to be here and let me just say the nifty chicks. It is about time. We get some girl power on this content. Right. It totally is totally.


And. So I just want to give a little background about Adryenn.

So I've known Adryenn, I don't know, probably five or six years now. And we met, of course through the crypto blockchain world is funny before the show, we were chatting briefly and trying to figure out where it was. We first met and we were talking about. We both used to live in Denver and we hung out in Denver, we think twice, but we would see each other all around the world at different conferences and events.

And it's just funny that like we lived in the same town and never saw each other.

Adryenn Ashley21:03

Actually there. So I think it was, ETH Denver and Christmas. So actually one was literally another conference,


but just happened to be in Denver. So Adryenn is a serial entrepreneur. She's a speaker. She's an investor, Adryenn.

I swear you have done everything there is under the sun. Like every time I read your bio or hear what you're doing now, I'm always astonished. So tell us, just give us like the short version of your BA your bio and your.

Adryenn Ashley21:41

Okay, well, this is a short podcast, so here's the, the very, very short version. I got into Bitcoin in 2009 just on a Lark because somebody offered, pay me in it and I'm like, yeah, why not?

I like being on the bleeding edge promptly lost it. So that's 2,500 Bitcoin, never to be recirculated again as part of the 4 million that have been lost by the rest of the OGs. So I got into blockchain specifically in 20 12, 20 15, started working in know entertainment, blockchain supply chain. Those kinds of things.

20 17, 20 15, I designed my first NFT based on Bitcoin colored coins. And it was to replace the bricks in front of a hospital as a fundraising thing. So you'd buy the token. That would be the endowment. Then it would be displayed digitally as the, the legacy donor. And then whoever donated that project would be the current donor.

, Obviously that was not possible. ERC 7 21 hadn't come out yet. So I didn't do it going to do it though. It's a really good idea. 2017 moved into green energy and, luxury goods, certification, and event tickets and all of these other things and music. I did several projects in music, music, coin, musicology music, economy, decaffeinated, and then why it never occurred to me to do art.

I don't know, but it never occurred to me to do art. I got into art as NFTs way back in 2019, which has been super exciting. I spent 2017 to 2019 touring the world, teaching hedge funds and family offices, how to do due diligence in blockchain. And you might've heard about my little naughty startup, that gets a good girl's laid.

So it used to be called Lolly. It's now called Smart Dates. We put consent on the blockchain because women need safety, security, and safety to say yes, even to dinner as that ended the me-too epidemic or we'll end the #MeToo epidemic got a shelter in 2020 when they closed all the bars. So that's, that's on the back burner at the moment, currently launching foxes, which is an generative NFT project that is headed to the metaverse to educate 1 million women and girls in blockchain development.

And in entrepreneurship, that's the short version. There's about 75 other industries I didn't include.


Right. So let's, I'm going to actually share my screen here and. Pull up your website. I want to know, like I got so excited, when we were talking about Foxies and I, you had posted something and I didn't even know that you were doing foxes and then I saw it and we talked about it and my initial response was, holy shit.

This is awesome. You have to come on the Nifty Chicks and talk to us about Foxies and what you're doing.

Adryenn Ashley24:19

Awesome. Well, I would love to, so Foxies is a generative art project. So you've seen a lot of these projects, lately. This is kind of a hybrid of a bunch of different, very successful ones.

So you remember crypto kitties back then 2017 where you breed them and then they come out with new ones. so this does have a breeding component later on. Starts as a 10 K generative. So the art is done by my son's best friend's girlfriend. She started drawing this when she was 17, she's now 18. And so she has done all of the character art for the Foxies.

And then I collected, I won't say I drew because I didn't draw like collected and licensed all of the backgrounds. And then I augmented them and changed them up and animated and things like that. So Fox sees is a 10 K. We launched on 2 22, 22, and we're launching 10,000 of them. Then we open up a trading card game where you collect all the color, all the same color in the different tales or all the different tail, all one tail in every color.

And that gives you a bonus drop of what we call. These are foxes that possess super magical breeding powers. They have access to every mutation, every color, every accessory, every everything, and they breed litters. The key piece about this breeding engine is that every time you breed a Foxy, it kicks off a scholarship for a woman or a girl.

In blockchain development or entrepreneurship. And we take this one step further. Not only do we have for female founders in our entrepreneurship program, we have an incubator, we have a little five-day incubator. Then we have an accelerator and we have a grants program, but we're also educating in the metaverse.

We've already gotten our metaverse. We've already gotten our lecture hall. We have a Dean of education. Who's wrangling all of the content. We estimate that's going to come out Q1 of 2023, where people will be able to attend, learning. In the metaverse create projects together. And we are in discussions with several different educational, establishment to potentially accredit the education and not just a certificate, but we are short blockchain developers.

There are many, many, many talented women around the world who are web developers or mobile app developers. They already know code. They already have all the tools. They know no JS. They know a lot of this things that you need. Some of the, some of the platforms like chromia, it's based on SQL 68% of developers know SQL, but they're not getting into blockchain yet.

So we are going to bring more women into blockchain. I


love this. I just think that this is such a, I love the art. Like I just think it's so cute, but then I also love the impact. Behind it. And the fact that you are working to get more women into the field, train them, teach them, help them with the scholarships. I just think that's so super cool.

It's super, super cool. And you know, it's not like Foxies U is going to be exclusively only for scholarship recipients. Other people will be able to attend to. So we'll have a lot of our education. In our white list, you the, oh, we can talk about the white list. So a lot of these crypto projects and these NMT projects are sending everyone to discord and I'm not doing that.

And there's a very good reason why my audience are very mainstream and throughout my entire career, I've been very centered on driving mainstream, consumer adoption of blockchain. And when you drive people to discourse, you lose a lot of the audience. If your audience is like mine, because they don't know how to opt in.

They don't know how to verify it. They certainly don't know how to use collab, land and connect their wallet. It just doesn't work. It's very frustrating. And then it's literally an unsupervised potential good or potential bed. So it's very difficult to control the conversation. And instead I'm using very traditional internet marketing techniques.

My white list does not require you to send an email to your entire address book. It is your name, your first name, your last name, your email address, your SMS number. So we can text you when it's time to mint for the pre-sale, and your ETH wallet address. And I know that this is still a challenge, and I know my audience is mainstream consumer because a lot of them are putting their street address.

Not there eat wallet address. I'm like I can't write list your house only white list. You're wow. That's fantastic. We do. We also, after opt-in we do send to them the crypto wallet security guide so that they don't lose their NFTs or their crypto, that kind of goes over everything and gives them a worksheet to write down all their passwords and keep it safe.

And you know, all that kind of. Yeah, that's

good. And that's part of why we are starting this podcast is because there are so many things that people don't know and they don't know what an ETH wallet is, and they have no idea where to even get started in crypto. It is kind of. A great big maze out there.

And they're also speaking a different language when, so you're like you're in a new city, in a foreign town, foreign country that they don't speak the language and you can't read the map and oh, you mean me in Puerto Rico? Yeah. Well, yeah, pretty much. Well, and there's no street signs either.

Adryenn Ashley29:43

Cause. No, there's no street signs in I actually was in old San Juan and got stuck on the second floor.

My legs stopped working and I couldn't call my Uber drivers. So thankfully I did find someone who spoke English and I'm with handed them phone. I'm like, get me the, yeah. Yeah. But it was I had a lovely time other than that.


I have a question for you. It seems like in your background and your bio, and now this project that you're launching you've never been afraid to step to step into a space that's new and to like break in. Talk to me about, like,


Nobody says that about Adryenn.


Amazing. I wish more people were like that, especially females. That is a trait that I wish we had, more often. So talk to me about like, where are you? I think I got that from my mother raising me like a boy. But I dunno if you are old enough to remember, but so the internet was born, and invented by a bunch of guys in their underwear and basements and girls weren't really allowed.

I was the only girl there for a very long time and it was such a boys club. I had to be a boy. My name was David. I sold woodshake kits for the backyard. And I was literally, I'm kind of revealing to some of my favorite. Old-school internet marketers. I've known them since the nineties. They've only known me since like 2006.

So they're now realizing I actually, they, oh, it's hello? They're like, how do you know that? I'm like, well, cause I was there. So I had to pretend to be a boy at first. And I think that that's just wrong. I want to drive more women into blockchain because I think that the culture needs to be set. And in crypto, you know, First girl, they're like crypto, we got strippers and Lambos.

So I'm so excited about NFTs though, because NFTs is art, right? I automatically like from the very beginning have seen this just massive uptake with women going, yes, I love this. This I can do. Right. They get it. It makes sense. And a lot of the best projects that come out for these NFTs, you know, you got.

If you're buying something that is a JPEG with a serial number that doesn't have any utility, that's called a flex or a cash grab. So that's not what I consider an NFT. Right. And NFT, the whole point of it is it's a token to do something, not just a token to represent a piece of art. So it should have access.

It should have an additional utility, and it should create a community in a collaborative. Community at that, where you can build things, grow things, you know, network. So, so women are really good at community. Like really, really good. Cause it's not about sitting behind your laptop, reading candlesticks technical analysis on, you know, financial reports for crypto and figuring out which way the market's going to go.

Like that's a solo endeavor. This is not launching a crypto project. It's an army, as you can see, I only have half, like probably less than half the team up there. I have to add, you know. It's really hard because it does take a village to do this. Right. And especially with what we're building, like, I mean, I have a metaverse expert.

I have different people who are blender experts doing 3d skins and this and this, like it's, it's crazy.


Okay. So let's, let's back up because I feel like for most of the people. Here that are going to be listening to this. They may not have any idea what some of these things mean. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, it's like, they may not even understand what a metaverse is.

So maybe give like a brief description of that, but also, like you said, you talked about blender. I mean, I know what that is, but a lot of people may not have the slightest idea.

Adryenn Ashley33:24

So Microsoft word is used for offering documents. We all know what word is. We all know what Excel is. Blender is the application that people use to create three D when you see pictures and they look 3d more than likely they were built in one.

So it's a way to create 3d gaming assets. So when you see these animated series where it looks really lifelike and all of that, and then also we've been using things like that in the movie industry for the last 20 years. Right.


And that's why the Foxies looks so cute and they look like they're alive in there.

That's the word?

Adryenn Ashley34:04

That's me. So the art was actually hand drawn by my son's best friend's girlfriend. So she's a bonus daughter now. Cause my son's best friend is my bonus son. Right, right. So I'm I just keep, I keep all the children. I probably have 11. I only have one that I gave birth to, but I have about 11 children.

So the, the art, she drew it on her teeny tiny little cheap Android phone. Oh my God. Through it by hand. Yeah. Right. So then I got all of the pieces, put them together and like I said, I kind of gave a little more 3d effect to the backgrounds and did some extra things like that and then slept it all together.

You know, what's sad is that I had to put sneak preview watermarks on them because people are literally ripping all of the images off of these launch websites and then creating fake, collections on open season before they're even launched. It's insane. so I was like, not gonna happen. Sorry. My website is not going to look as pretty as it could, but I have to prevent theft.


Right, right. Which is good. I think it's great that you're doing that. And I love that, you know, Jenna and I are going to talk about this, in future episodes, obviously it's a new show, so we're just, we're just kicking things off. But Discord is one of the ways that I like to vet projects and you're not using discord.

And I think it's, I think it's awesome. I think your reasoning is fantastic, but it's funny because that's always something that whenever I'm talking to any projects, I'm like, I need to see your website. I need to see your discard. I need to see your Twitter. What are you doing online too? Interact and engage with the community.

Adryenn Ashley35:45

So here, here's my point about discord. Okay. A lot can happen in discord. It can be fabulous. It can be. A shit show and it's also a black hole. So it does not give you any Google loves. So keep in mind. I come back. I wrote HTML before the internet was born for a law library. Like I'm a lot older than I look and technologically speaking, when it comes to SEO and Google.

You want to talk to the internet marketers because we know how to get to page one like that. Right. Discord is a black box. Nothing gets spidered, nuts, nothing gets indexed. You can't find anything easily. Right? Right. So everything that we're doing. Keep in mind. I can go look up tweets that I did a million years ago, right?

Like when Twitter first started, it's all there. And if I deleted a tweet, there's actually a whole repository for deleted tweets. You can literally find everything and it indexes on Google. On a website, you can create a community where you can have forums, just like you would have in discord. It's indexable.

It'll be spidered. Google will look at it. You will get more Google love because the more, the amount of time that people spend in discord, this is what we did with Billionaire Zombies Club. So we have 17,000 people in the discord. We've moved the King's council over to the website because that's where we can have things where they can share documents.

They're doing proposals. They're coming up with ideas for merchandising and marketing. But it's in a place where you're not going to lose it. Right. And discord it's like the minute that it's five hours old, it's gone. You're never going to find it. Like the search mechanism doesn't work this way. They can share documents, do everything.

And they're taking that time that they would normally be on discord and are on Google. What does that do? Increases our page rank. Right? Makes it easier to gate certain things so that only certain people can get into certain committee meetings, things like that. The longer they're on your website, the better.

So that was one of the things that I discovered with Billionaire Zombies Club, which I'm the co-founder of, it's a $20 million project with a $20 billion market cap on the token. And we're just releasing our portal today. And, that one times day and going to be launching the land and then the metaverse game.

So it's, it's only gonna get bigger. So the lessons that I learned from that project, I'm bringing over into Foxies, which is. The Billionaires Zombies Club. They absolutely can function on discord. That's the age group. They're gamers. They can totally handle it. My audience definitely not, would not be able to handle it.

And so you have to meet your audience where they're at in order to get the marketing done correctly, because you want to bring all those people into your white list, but you need to capture them. You need their email, you need their SMS number. You just have to. It's very cool. That might be the billionaire

And instead of the Oh yes, that was, that was actually the mint, the mint website. Awesome though. Yeah, it's super cool.


So here's the project. And when did this launch?

Adryenn Ashley38:55

October 31st and within two months, it had a $20 million valuation and a $20 billion market cap on the token. Yeah.

Great. Thank you. And do you want to talk about that now? I'm one of several co-founders. So this was not all me. I'm the, I'm like the I'm like I'm the secretary of the Dow and the co-organizer of the Dow. So I do the legal, the compliance. I did build this website, and then, and things like that. And I do a lot of the media appearances, but there is an entire team and the dev team I am the baby is OG on the project.

If you think I'm an O G. It's pretty, pretty freaking awesome. Wow. Yeah, I love it. So,


okay. So is launching on February 22nd.

Adryenn Ashley39:46

9:00 AM Pacific 9:00 AM. And the white list closes on February 20th. So you really want to make sure that you go sign up. It's super easy. And if you happen to be an internet marketer and you want to help launch this to the world there is an affiliate program which you will be taken to after you go through and sign up for the white list.

It'll ask you if you'd like to sign up for the affiliate program and then you can actually get. A link, share the link and track referrals, and then you earn 5% cool. Why not? 50% like regular internet marketing. And I go, well, cause we got to kind of pay for a metaverse and scholarships for a million women.

And you know that ain't cheap servers are not cheap, babe. Right.


Problem. Definitely check out and get yourself on the white list. Before the 20th and then B well, so if you sign

Adryenn Ashley40:42

up, then you're going to get a test. You're going to get an email, email, verify your email, and then you're also going to get that cryptosecurity guide as well.

Right. And then we will be putting all of we're basically exporting all of those wallets, the people who put their wallet in correctly and putting those into the system to allow them to present on the 21st. And then the public mint is the 22nd.