Hunter Biden's Southern Route - Braverman's too, and Obama's before him
George Webb

Okay, it's day 6 0 3. And one of the ways to refine information is to lay it out on a map or a timeline as well. And it really does, if you just look at the pipelines, that gas prom this Russian company called Gas Prom has, it's really a bunch of Ukrainian guys that was organized together with Mark Rich way back when.

And there's several pipelines going north through Ukraine which is before these two proposed pipelines. And then there's also one going through the Baltic Sea, known as the Northern Route. But we're looking at here are two alternatives of what's called the Southern Route. Okay? And this could be this new one called Turk Stream, which is under construction, going just through Turkey, then through Greece, up through Macedonia.

Serbian and Hungary and then Austria. Okay. Then the other one is just the called the Serb Stream, which cuts out Turkey and Greece in just as more direct line through the old traditional pipelines. If you wanna look at the old traditional pipelines, it's something similar to you can see gas prom has built a tremendous amount of pipelines since 2005, 28,000 kilometers.

But it, here are the old streams and most of 'em, them go through this key city of. On the other side of the Black Sea. This is also a resort town, but most of 'em went, the old ones went through Romania, then the EU had a proposal where it came up this way. Going through different cities.

So you can see this new route explains a lot in terms of geopolitics as explains where this guy comes from. This is a guy named Dimitri Furk. We'll get back to him in a second, but just to get back to the maps for a. you can look at. And Dimitri Fur is a key executive in this company called gas Prom.

You can really map out the whole, all the news that's happening right now with just this pipeline picture. If you understand that Dimitri Fur right there was the Russian behind all this, right?

So there's your pneumonic to think of Dimitri Fur as these pipelines are going in. Then the other guy who actually supplies the pipe right, is going to be a guy by the name of pin. Pin chuck, and you can think of as these different pipeline pieces are being put together, you would need to pinch the chuck together and twist it, to chuck in the joins of the pipeline together.

So there's your firtash flirting with the ash as he's welding, and then you got pin chuck, spinning those chucks right now. Pin check also has a hacking team, which we'll get later around two later called the pinch bears. But the reason why you would have a hacking team, . These pipelines are multinational endeavors.

But getting back to our story with why you would want spies, why pin. As he's chucking these pipeline joints together, the reason why he would want to know is you wanna know what the other people in the consortium are thinking. You wanna know what their rock bottom price is all along the way in Turkey and Greece and Macedonia and Serbia, all the way up to Hungary and Austria, as well as you wanna know what the Russians are thinking at all times.

And again, it's this group of Russian criminals that then get anointed with Russian intelligence. Credentials. And then also night of Malta credentials in case they ever have to escape right down here to Malta, Sicily, and Malta. And it's this group really that tells the story of history over the last, oh, I'd say 25 years, especially with the Clinton Foundation.