(Part 1). Margo Aaron A Salad and a Glass of Wine
Fei Wu

Hey. Hello. How are you? This is a show for everyone else instead of going after top 1% of the world, we dedicate this podcast to celebrate the lives of the unsung heroes and self-made artists.

Margo Aaron

If you are a person who's interested in growth or interested in bettering your life or rising above your circumstances, well no matter what they are, if it's financial, if it's health, if it's relationships, if it's just wellbeing, it's hard when the culture around you doesn't reward that kind of.

Fei Wu


Margo Aaron

goes counter to the actual science on productivity. That was a part that was so frustrating to me because if they wanted me to be their be my best, why wouldn't you let me sleep? Why wouldn't you let me get real work done? Why wouldn't you let me like take care of myself? That is how you do better work.

And at least that hasn't been my experience in corporations.

The psychological mind field of being considered an expert in one space and then having to have a beginner's mind was so challenging for me because I put up a website and I knew my options were bad. I knew my CTAs were crappy. I knew like all of these things that I was fixing for clients. I didn't have, and I was so embarrassed about it.

So I didn't promote it, I didn't wanna tell anyone, but it was a real lesson in humility and um, what it takes to actually build something and put it out into the world. And it helped me empathize a lot more with my clients in that time.

But you have choices in your life, and I love your example of is it not eating at your desk like the little things that you can do because more and more, I think that that's what holds us back in business, in marketing, in life. It is that feeling that everything isn't fixable or figure outable, and that's what I try and convey.

Everything I predicted was. You know, like I didn't know until I dug in.

Fei Wu

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