1-Day Retreat 2023-07 (Revision)
By Julie Duffy
July 27, 2023
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1-Day Retreat 2023-07 (Revision)

I wanted to make a case for you to come to the a one day retreat. It's not really a day. It's four hours, one day retreat. This Sunday. If you haven't been to one of these before. I'm going to encourage you to carve out some time to join us. If you have to be a little late, that's fine. If you have to leave a little early, that's fine, but really try to be there for as much of it as possible to carve out some time, tell people that you're with, you're going to be in this retreat with us for

most of the time, one to five Eastern time.

This is one of the features that I started doing a couple of years ago to give us some concentrated time to think about our writing and get feedback from other people who are in the same boat as you. It's. It sounds like a long time to be on a zoom meeting, but it's going to fly by. We'll start by

Just to getting settled in. And w. Chatting with each other in a very structured way. So for the introvert, so they're, don't fret. For the shy people out there, don't worry about this. Everything is very structured. I ask question, I give you questions. And instruct you on how to to have these little conversations that we go into breakout rooms and have, and it helps you to get settled into the day it helps you to get to know some of the other Superstars

in a way that you won't really get to know them just from Hangouts or from the slack group. It fosters connections in a whole new way. That I hope one day that we can get to do in real life together. So we'll start with that. We'll have a look at the beginning of the day, at where your writing is right now, what you've achieved lately, what you're hoping to achieve in future.

Then I'll go into a workshop, which is going to be about story structure. The theme of this retreat is about revision because so many people are in a position where they have a body of work or certain pieces that they want to revise. But I know that there are some other people in the group who are a little bit, in a different place where you haven't finished something

particular that you want to revise. So this workshop that I'm going to do on story structure, Is going to give you ways to think about your story. Not that you have to jam them into some formula. But ways to find the pieces of your story that might be missing that are making the pacing feel off. Or where plot holes might be or where your characters might need beefed up. So we're going to look at a bunch of different models for story structure, and they are.

It's going to be aimed at either planning out a story that you're currently working on, or planning a revision for a larger piece or even a single story that you really want to get into shape and you might want to get it into shape because you want to get it published. You might want to get into shape just because you want done. You want to be finished with it.

So we're going to look at a bunch of story, structures, and I'll talk for a while and we'll talk back and forth and ask questions about that. Then we'll take a short break and then we're going to go into small groups. And again, I'm going to give you very specific instructions and questions, things to talk about.

Very specific ways to respond to the other people in the group. That's going to keep it incredibly constructive. One of the things that has been the consistent feedback from previous retreats that we've run. Is that people wanted more time in the breakout rooms. Because once those conversations get going, they are super valuable. And by helping other people.