David Anttony Life on a Nature-Abundant Organic Farm
    Fei Wu

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    I have no idea how I describe myself these days, to be honest. It had to simplify our lives, and I'm not interested in a lot of things that I used to do. So subsequently, we don't spend the money in the same way that we used to do.

    My life has changed, you know, and basically lifestyle and cycles have changed based around, you know, just living a more natural lifestyle. And I think, you know, the greatest thing I've ever wanted in my life is freedom. And I didn't realize how to create that, but it's come out of cost. The cost to me is not to have some of the assets that other people have in their lives.

    We don't have big, fancy houses, big fancy camp. But the freedom I've had has been the most vital thing to my, my inner being. You know, I can do what I like when I want, in whatever way I want. I have freedom and I have creativity, and I have inspiration. Those energies are amazingly powerful forces to do things faster because once our energy increases, our ideas increases and that then gives us the impetus to do something.

    Hi everyone. This is FA W, and I am your host for the Face World Podcast. Face World Podcast has been a passion project of mine since October, 2000. Since then, we released 76 episodes, over 20,000 downloads, and listeners from over 40 countries. Well, these stats aren't impressive by any stretch of imagination in the podcast world.

    They helped me tremendously, even in establishing my company Phase World Inc. At the beginning of 2016. Every week I discover a song or unsung hero, and I love talking to people who are just below the radar. Hearing their stories, living through their experiences vicariously have been such a treat and highlight of my week every week.

    Well, today I have the pleasure to welcome David Antony, a veteran IT and SEO expert who founded companies, worked around the globe before he settled down in Northern Philippines. He and his partner opened up an organic farm called Happy House Farm, and that has welcomed hundreds of visitors from around the world.

    Their message and business model just relax and hang out in our nature. Abundant organic farm combined with a lifestyle program, will help out casually on the farm. As you feel David welcomes guests to be part of his family, there's a lot to do. He tells me nature walks. Relax, fish at the farm, have a massage, walk to the beach and get lost on purpose.

    Catch a fish and have barbecue. Learn about organics. All the meals are provided as part of the experience. Think organic smoothies, fresh veggies, beans, fruit based meals. I invited David to describe in great details about the types of fruits that grow on his farm. While talking to David, I thought of the film The Martian.

    Some veggies grow easily, some don't. At. So to balance a healthy meal, David has a lot to figure out what to grow, how to grow them, and keep them fresh. In this extended conversation with David, I also learned much more about his family lifestyle. There aren't dozens of Amazon Google Express boxes delivered to your door or to his door.

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