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    If you haven't noticed the world is changing. Consumer and talent demands are evolving and businesses are being held accountable to a broader purpose. This is The Stream of Conscience Podcast, where we celebrate the businesses that are prioritizing purpose to achieve both financial returns and greater impact.

    These stories highlight business as a force for good and good as a force for business.

    Welcome back to our listeners. And thank you for choosing The Stream of Conscience Podcast. I'm Kyle Cartwright. And as always, I'm joined by my cohost Graham Pansing-Brooks. We are also co-founders of SEAchange, a social enterprise advising company located in the heart of America. We have a special episode planned for you today, and we would like to welcome our guest Jordan Lambrecht, director, and founder of Pixel Bakery Design Studio.

    Jordan is here to tell us all about Pixel Bakery, which is a design studio focused on creating animations, web design, videography motion graphics, and more for businesses and non-profits, and even though pixel bakery doesn't sell edible sweet treats, their business model is well worth consumption. Um, Jordan, let's start out.

    Why don't you just give us a little background on yourself and maybe what kind of brought Pixel Bakery.


    For sure. Um, and you are correct. There's always a lot of confused secretaries about our name, uh, every once in a while we'll actually even get, uh, catering requests, which we'll, um, we'll go into a Shutterstock or something, find a watermark photo of a croissant and send it back to them.

    But, uh, um, yeah. Uh, so Jordan Lambrecht, uh, you nail it, uh, director and founder of Pixel Bakery. Uh, we've been around for six years now, which is insane to me. Uh, me and, uh, two other people founded it back in 2015. Uh, it's one of those stories. I wish it was more glamorous, but, uh, it was December and, uh, we were all graduating college.

    And as, as you know, the, the job market in Lincoln can sometimes be pretty bleak in December for recent graduates. So. We, uh, we're kind of like, we applied to like 20 jobs each of us and didn't hear anything back. And we were kind of like, well, we're going to do this for ourselves. Uh, I was having a conversation with my mom actually.

    And, uh, I was floating the idea past her. She's very much like a she's an accountant. If that gives you any, she's a German accountant. If that gives you any frame of reference on her personality type. And so I was immediately expecting her to shoot me down, um, explain the idea to her. And she was like, Jordan, you know what?

    You're broke. You're single. You don't have a job. You don't have kids. You have nothing but student loans, you're literally at rock bottom. You have nowhere to go, but up, go for it, buddy. Uh, so yeah, that was that it was born. Um, and, uh, it was the past six years. Uh we've we've learned a lot, I've an art degree.

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