What category is Amazon going to go into next? "They are playing for the whole chess board"

Andrew Shields00:00

I guess it just depends on what you see as Amazon's final play. I mean, Amazon for me has been burnt a number of times when they tried to go off and do things themselves. Their biggest example of that was their Fire exploit Fire phone exploit, which was just an absolute massive flop, a complete train wreck. And one could argue, even now, to a degree, Alexa. Okay, you can say to me, Alexa is still in that world's number one smart speaker, yeah, I can't deny that whatsoever, But the amount of resources they've bought into that natural language processing NLP space and, the breakthroughs that they've currently been ever release have been pretty, I gotta be honest with you, lacklustre. I mean, we should be, we should be much further along now I appreciate it's incremental innovation that's going on.

I think what Amazon is taking the view of which is look, we've got this incredible data set, which obviously sits around that customer, it's constantly being enriched by this flywheel and ecosystem of platforms we built around it. Let's continue to build the depth of those platforms, for example, in healthcare in which the pill pack acquisition and other things support. Excuse me, right across the piece in other domains, in terms of logistics, in terms of fresh groceries, and the list could go on. I wouldn't be surprised at all, for example, if they even went out and bought a gym chain because it would make eminent sense for Amazon to acquire, and it would be very cheap to acquire potentially some of those assets right now. So there's some very interesting things they could do in that space but the point remains, I wouldn't block Amazon. I wouldn't stop in my mind purchasing something just because it was made by Amazon. I don't think many people would, but what I think the key thing to answer your question is it just depends on how Amazon perceives themselves within a wider ecosystem. Because if you go down deep, yeah, it looks like it could be a complimentary or conflict competitive trade off. But if you take it up another level, they're not playing for that little piece there. They're playing for the whole chess board.

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