Jason Smith: Creating Clarity and Connection for Growth
    Fei Wu

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    ing I. It's the conversations that matter, right? And the listening. That is actually more important now I think. I realize that journey is a lot longer, and the conversations and the articulating those things and refining that, it takes a long time and that's a lot harder.

    Part of my realm is that I. Mid-level explorer capacity and a high level excite capacity. So I view a lot of what I do is like getting people excited about stuff. And so if it's not clear and it's not connecting with people, it drives me crazy.

    I feel like there's always transitions, right? I think the transitions I go through a lot are, it feels like, I don't know. They're happening all the time. Right. I think that's what's. Running your own business, like I feel like you just, you don't know what you don't know, and so you're surprised or things happen and, and you don't have a boss or you know, a good boss who's giving you some sort of perspective.

    Right, right, right. There's lots of questions a lot of times, and so.

    Hi everyone. This is FA W, and I am your host for the Face World Podcast. This week I would like to welcome Jason Smith to Face World. Jason is the managing director and founder at O HO Interactive, a thriving, curious, creative team of 30 strategists, creatives, and developers solving business problems in the digital.

    Jason and I connected via LinkedIn in 2012. Over the years, we exchanged ideas on project management, digital strategy, and growing talents. Finally, in May, 2016, together with the VP of Operations at O Ho, Stephanie Cro, we found just a perfect project for us to work. Over the past three months, I grew closer to the entire AHO team and had the opportunity to speak with everyone in the company.

    I also developed a tremendous appreciation for founders and understanding for the decisions they have to make, the challenges they have to overcome on a regular basis. So I welcome Jason to open up about his philosophy in running his organization. While we're added, I took Jason back to where it all began in 19 98, 18 years ago.

    Wino Ho was just starting up. What was it like to run a company in the late nineties, Jason The mystifies, the process and shared some of the most important lessons learned. With a degree in English from Brown University and a degree in design from rti. Jason can brand, construct, and market and experience or a product that enables him to quickly engage with clients and understand their business objectives.

    He believes that every project brings a myriad of possibilities. And our podcast speaks to a much related belief, which is that Jason also believes that every person brings a unique set of skills and values to the team. To me, one attribute that stands out the most for Jason is the beacon of clarity.

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