Still Curious S4E2 - Christopher Schoenwald
    Christopher Schoenwald

    That's what purpose is to me, I think this sense of purpose you're intrinsically motiv ated to do and also involves elements of curiosity, a willingness to learn, not. being told, you have to study this, you need this knowledge.

    Like you want to explore it. You, you really just wanna know as much as you can about it. A general sense of enthusiasm towards what you're doing.

    When you have those moments of struggle, if you have this purpose within your life, it gives you that extra little something to dig down a little bit further and to find your way out of these problems that are being presented to you. that's a good way of knowing if you have this purpose within your life.

    And I think the opposite is true, I mean, if you don't have that natural inclination towards learning more about what you're involved in or you're not intrinsically motivated by it all. Maybe that's a sign,

    we all have days where it feels like, oh no, this isn't right. But if this is like every single day for six months for a year or something, that might be a sign for you.

    Danu Poyner

    You're listening to the still curious podcast with me, Daniel pointer, the show where I meet people who insist on relating to the world with curiosity and care and talk to them about the red thread that runs through their life story. And which ultimately empowers them to flourish as their unrepeatable selves. The voice.

    He just heard belongs to my guest today. Christopher Sean Wald, host and producer of the life as a podcast. And internationally awarded podcast intently focused on helping youth and mid career professionals. Find professional career ideas. And all business pathways by exploring and on earthing, the details of jobs from around the world.

    Christopher's guests include MIT professors, world food program officers, skydivers, venture capitalists, famed musicians, eco minded entrepreneurs, and Netflix reality stars. All of whom have plenty to offer to those looking for occupational knowledge, insights, and advice for those presently engaged in trying to find career planning. Clarity and inspiration.

    I've been listening to Christopher's life as a podcast for a while now.

    And one of the things I like about it is how he focuses not on the career itself, but rather the relationship that someone has to their career. You get to understand the shape of a career through the people in it. And you also get to understand the shape of a person by the way, they relate to their chosen profession. Christopher is a thoughtful and curious interviewer.

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