How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn in 2023 (Tara Murney Interviews Shanee Moret)

Brought this fabulous human being. She's in the second row in the middle. Her name is Shana Maray, and I met Shana a couple months ago. I kept hearing her name and a very good friend of mine named Charleston Gaines introduced me to her and she has changed my business. She's the founder of Growth Academy.

She's an inbound marketing strategist. She's a creator and community builder. She has almost 1.2 million followers on LinkedIn. People grow on LinkedIn and she has forever changed my business in just a short time. I've been invited to speak all across the world in India. I have clients. I can't even keep up with my dms and it's all because of this beautiful woman that we see here below.

So she has, like I said, she's the founder of Growth Academy. She's a mama bear. She also is bilingual in bilingual, sorry, in English and Spanish, and she's a stage four cancer survivor. So can we all come off mics and welcome Shana to Breakfast with Champions? Good


morning. Good morning. What's up Tara? Good morning.

What's up?


You're welcome. So now that we got that all the way, I wanna back up just a little bit and I want you to, um, share with our audience and the incredible, uh, hosts that we have here on stage. I want them to have an opportunity to get to know you at a deeper level like I have. Um, so let's go back and I want you to tell us a little bit about yourself.

Some history where you were born, and how Growth Academy actually was birthed.


Oh, wow. That's a simple question. No, I'm just kidding. . Um, where do I start? So, uh, a little bit about me. Born in Fort Lauderdale. I'm a cancer survivor, so spent a lot of my early childhood in and outta hospitals. And then how Growth Academy started, uh, it really started about two years before it actually started.

So, In 2018, I was given an ultimatum by my boss because my child was in the hospital, and then that ultimatum led me to become a freelance writer, and then that led me to launch an agency. But when the pandemic hit a lot of the people that were paying. , you know, heavy retainers for the agency wanted something more personalized so they couldn't pay five, $10,000 a month, right?

So they're like, do you have a course? Do you have this? Do you have this? And so Growth Academy really was created out of demand to serve them. Um, because I just got bombarded with requests when the pandemic hit, cuz people wanted to save their. . That's

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