David Black-Schaffer Flip the Classroom
    Fei Wu

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    David Black-Schaffer

    A career is not something that you get to a point and you stay there, but it, it's something that you are constantly evolving and making as you go through it. And I find this to be a very comforting thought for, you know, what is the future? You're not stuck somewhere. You can keep pushing yourself in new direct.

    It's okay to be yourself and to have things that are important to you, but that you also need to make sure that you are taking care of the people around you and those relationships as well. And I feel that's both an important and an inspiring message to give to kids.

    I fundamentally believe that teaching is the most important thing we do at the university. I spend my time in the classroom. Walking around and talking to the students while they're working on problems, while they're solving things, while they're trying to get stuff done. For me as a teacher, that is.

    Enormously satisfying.

    A mentor of mine is fond of saying that life is a package deal and, um, this, uh, concept that you can have a work life balance. Everything is a package, so it's not more one or the other. It. You know, deciding what is important to you and figuring out how to do it because you do it once.

    Hey everybody, this is Faye W and I am your host for the Phase Roll podcast. I'm really excited today because I have a very special guest named David Black Shaffer, who is a world class researcher in computer Arch. He was introduced to me by my fantastic audio producer named German, behind the scenes on phase world.

    German has been studying with David at Sala University in Sweden for the past three years as a Winchester, Massachusetts native. David is quite familiar with where I'm currently living and working, which is Boston. David received his PhD from Stanford and then moved to Sweden with his family. He is currently a senior researcher in the ZA architecture research team.

    The work environment is quite international. German being one of them, was raised in Argentina. David has been incredibly successful in leading a diverse group of curious minds. After spending years as a student in both China and the United States, I find David a rather unusual teacher in many. Recently he started the Scalable Learning Project, a platform to flip the classroom, making, teaching and learning interactive, not a one-way lecture.

    Students not only love it, they also perform much better. The experiment David designed is rather sophisticated and he does an incredible job describing and explaining it. In this episode, here are just a few examples David created at home Interactive video lectures where there are self-assessment quizzes integrated and students receive real time feedback, correct or incorrect.

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