Recent Layoffs

    Hey, Keegan Bailey here. Talking about layoffs this week. The number has got to be near 200, maybe even 300. I'm not sure there were two companies that laid off a lot of people this week and done so in a relatively. Private way. Two companies that I've worked for with, and I have a lot of friends. At those companies next gen healthcare and health catalyst.

    So. I am offering to speak to anyone that would like to talk. I know that career transitions can be hard. Emotions are complex. Career. Next steps uncertain. You know, personally I've experienced various aspects of. Layoffs and can empathize. They can be challenging. They also present opportunities for growth, self discovery. It's an incredible time.

    And I'd like to say that. It's a time that. Doesn't come. Normally, if you're, you know, going right from, your education to a career from one job to the next, having a pause can be incredibly helpful and strengthening. So I encourage anyone listening to this. That's going through this, going through a layoff or this, difficult time to try to embrace it.

    And again, I'm happy to. I talk with anyone that wants to, listen to my advice or hear strategies or ideas on how to work through. The process. So I'm here to support just having a conversation and saying things. Out loud can often take us down paths that we didn't. See you before and open up opportunities.

    Though transitions are tough. There. Often gateways or doors to new things. And It's very. Helpful to go through this with someone. So I'm I'm offering that. I also wanted to highlight how. Transformative. It can be to really reflect on what it is. That drives you. What it is that gets you up in the morning and explore. Parts of your. Skillset parts of what drive you?

    That can also lead you down a new path. So. Just a quick note. And, and offer of. Help and that, I'm here to talk. Thanks so much for listening.

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