Whole Grain Podcast Episode 8 - Export Essential: Fumigation at Grain Terminals
    Jim Lenz

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    If you work in the grain industry, you are part of the grain supply chain. But where does the grain go after it leaves your location. Often in your line of work, you don't get to follow the path that the grain takes. Well, the journey of grain is a remarkable one, and in many geographic locations, grains are exported outside of your given country.

    Today you'll learn about the incredible preparation of grain as it's about to leave port on massive vessels ready to hit the seas for up to 18 days. In this episode of Whole Grain, you'll hear from two well respected GEAPS members who facilitate the fumigation of unimaginable quantities of grain aboard these super size ships.

    It's what some call organized chaos. It's orchestrated ballet of dozens of companies and agencies, millions of pounds of grain in extremely tight timelines -every single day. Let's go!

    Hey folks. Welcome to the Whole Grain Show. My name is Jim Lenz, your host and director of training and education at GEAPS where the mission of the Grain Elevator and Processing Society is about people and information and knowledge and the mission of the industry is about fueling and feeding the world. Thanks for listening today and for joining the network of thousands of other grain handling and processing professionals across the globe, taking strategic steps to grow professionally.

    The Whole Grain show will give you the competitive advantage to win at work, so you can make more of an impact. The focus of today's show is about the fumigation of grain commodities on ships during the final stages of the export process. To help guide us through the process, we have two very special guests Perry Nettles, and Alex Luce. Perry Nettles from Ecolab was awarded the GEAPS Corbette Award winner at the 2022 GEAPS Exchange.

    GEAPS board of directors bestows the corporate awards to recognize associate members. That is the vendors and suppliers of the grain handling and processing industry who have demonstrated extraordinary volunteer leadership on behalf of all associate members in the pursuit of GEAPS mission and achievement of its general objectives.

    Perry is a member of the Mid-South Chapter region and Alex Luce, also from Ecolab, is the secretary and treasurer of the GEAPS Columbia River Chapter in the Portland, Oregon area. This episode will peak your curiosity, expand your understanding, and deepen the meaning on how you and your team play such a vital and important role in the global supply chain of grains.

    All right. Today we welcome two grain professionals who help support the assurance of grain quality and large ships as they leave grain terminals. Perry Nettles is the South Region Manager, Ecolab Specialty Pest Services, and also the GEAPS 2022 Corbette Award winner. We also have Alex

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