Black Friday Deals + Q & Cake Replay #28

    Welcome to the Biz Batch Podcast, where we make biz strategy a piece of cake. I'm Elizabeth. And I'm Cammy, but you might know us better. As Eliza and Calligraphy and Cammy Monet, we want to help you, our fellow Stationers artists and calligraphers confidently build a profitable and personality driven creative biz.

    We're here to share our honest to goodness advice and actionable strategies for ambitious artists. So put on your party hat. Quit being a procrastinator gator, and let's get this party started. Hey friends, it is Elizabeth here jumping in real quick to give you some updates for Black Friday sales that are happening this week.

    We have a bunch of incredible resources on sale for you guys, so I wanna go through them real quick so you understand exactly what's happening and when they will be on sale. First things first. It will be four full days starting on Friday, November 25th, so officially Black Friday and running through Cyber Monday, November 28th.

    So four full days for you guys to take advantage of this. If you're on our email list, you will also be getting an email every day reminding you that this is happening. But I know that email inboxes are completely flooded, especially this week of the year, which is why I am giving you guys this announcement right now so that you know that it is happening.

    Not to mention, the Instagram algorithm is completely outta whack. So as much as we post there, we're kind of afraid you guys wouldn't see it there either, . So anyways, let me go ahead and talk about the discounts that we are offering this. First up is business sense for creatives. This will be 50% off with the discount automatically applied at checkout, and this product is retiring at the end of the year, even though it is four years old.

    I still think that there are amazing business principles in there. And that's kind of like Cammy and I start to Biz Birthday Bash pretty much our original resource that we have been offering, which is why it is time to retire it and why it is marked down so much. So you can get that for 50% off. Next step is the custom stationary contract and the US P mailing agreement.

    Those are the two contract templates that we have in our shop, and they will both be 25% off. The discount for those is also automatically applied at checkout. So for these resources that you can buy in our shop on our website, it might be confusing at first glance because they're not gonna be marked for sale or anything like that.

    Squarespace is kind of weird with how they set this. But once you add it to your cart and you go to the checkout, the discount will be applied. So don't panic when you're buying these resources, wondering why they're not marked down until you actually get to that step in your cart. Okay. Last thing to talk about real quick is that we will have a $30 off coupon code for the A to Z directory, and this applies to your first year of membership.

    The code is B Friday 22. That's capital. B Friday, all caps number 22 at checkout. Once again, that's $30 off your first year, so if you continue to automatically renew every year, it will be 1 47 going forward after that. Here's why this year is extra important though. If you have been wanting to get into the A to Z directory for a long time and have been waiting to.

    The price of the membership is going to be going up in the new year. We are updating our website completely. Our brand looked completely the membership experience. We are adding so many more amazing new things to the membership that it was time for us to basically put a price increase. Into place essentially.

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