Podcast 3

    Okay. Okay. So I'm Callie. I'm Jamie. Callie and I are both seniors here at the Home High School, and we write and produce media for the new site here. Yeah, so if you, obviously you're on it, but I recommend that every couple weeks you keep yourself updated, which with what is on the news site.

    Uh, today we're making a podcast. There's also Toman News, TikTok, and Instagram. . Um, and this today, the podcast is just kind of our five favorite, like tips or pieces of advice that we wish we knew earlier or realized earlier, like in school. , these tips have been valuable to myself as well as Callie. So we thought it would be helpful to share with you guys.

    So, um, if you are willing to take it in, that would be very thankful. Yeah, you would be very thankful for that. But you don't have to take any of our advice you, but if you want to Go ahead, . So our first tip is sometimes you need to stop studying, which sounds very like counterproductive. But I think we've all been to that point of studying where you're so stressed out.

    It's the power hour before your next period and you have a test and you're stressed studying. You don't even know what you're looking at anymore. You don't remember the last thing you ate and you're tired. But sometimes you need to just stop and like realize that's not gonna help you very much at that.

    I think also part of my problem is I've only ever crammed for a test. Mm-hmm. , and I have very truly found that that does nothing. Mm-hmm. absolutely nothing for me. So sometimes you've got to block out that time for yourself to study and take your time. Time to actually being productive. Yes. Oh, sorry. No, but I was just gonna say like a lot of the time you're just gonna burn yourself out.

    If you're just running or running, running and you're not gonna have any energy for the test, you're not even gonna, since you're trying to like, so I guess this is kind of two pieces of rice. Don't cram and stop studying, not stop studying, but like sometimes it's nicer to have like one hour or day to study even though that's so hard.

    And half the time we're not doing that. We should be. , looking back at all the times that we have crammed and even like suctioning your time, like even just 10 minutes of studying every day for two weeks. Mm-hmm. can be so valuable over cramming for 20 minutes and being stressed out and then not remembering anything.

    Because I feel like when you're cramming, you're trying to fit so much in at once, so you don't, you end up not like remembering any of it and then you get to your test, you're tired, you're. You're hungry because you probably haven't spent your power hour eating your morning, and then you're like, well, I wish I would've just gotten that one extra hour of sleep or like eaten at lunch today.

    Because that one, you know, if it's already so soon that you have to cram so aggressively, there's not much more that your studyings gonna do. And at that point, you just need to help yourself, like to perform good on the. . Um, okay, moving on. Our second piece of advice for you guys is to be upfront and honest with your teachers.

    Communicate with them. Share if you're struggling. If you're comfortable, comfortable with that, um, they are here to focus and to provide everything that they can to help you. They want you guys and all of us to be successful. They care about us. , you know? Yeah. And sometimes teachers seem so scary. Like there are ones that maybe you don't get along with the best, but teachers have devoted their whole careers, their lives, basically, to helping students pass high school and get through high school, and they like what they teach.

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