Table Talk 020

All right. Welcome back to the Table Talk podcast. So I have Lauren Castle who is a pharmacist here in Ohio. Dr. Lauren Castle, I should say. And then Dr. Megan Morrison, who is in Texas. Welcome to you, both, both of you have been on the podcast before.

So I'm so thankful that you're coming back today to talk about a really important topic and that is choosing quality supplements. So you all know if you've been on Instagram, on Facebook, watching TV, that the ads for supplements, new food supplement type products, just continue and continue to grow.

And about half the adult us population takes one or more supplements regularly, and we spend more than 35 billion on these products each year. So the question is, which products should we take? How do we know if what we are taking is quality. And the reason these questions are coming up is that the US food and drug administration has had some warnings recently on numerous dietary supplements, containing undeclared or unapproved, potentially pharmaceutical ingredients.

And so when we start to have these conversatio