Building relationship and trust by releasing valueable content is crucial for brands

George Reid00:00

But if we're talking a little bit about tangible physical items that people would be looking to sell on Amazon for argument's sake, it's delivering round you to those people in your email list over and over again. You can't just go 10% off, 10% off, 20% off, 10% off, like that's it's the same message is a quick one sure way to kind of get dropped into junk, whereas if you look at what you know that one of the best things. I I find him. He's just following and getting part of other subscriber subscribing to other people's email lists, complete taps, competitive brands, perhaps big brands, perhaps brains you like. Even if they're different category and seeing what sort of content they're releasing in a minimalist, are they sharing storeys that are in some way related to the product? Are they talking to their customers and getting them on a block that they're right? Are they writing valuable stuff? So it could be, if you're in the makeup industry continuously releasing new stuff, which could help your skin feel healthier, and it's quite natural on its swimming in the sea? It's got nothing to do with the other thing, but you're looking to deliver value rather than Hey, it's black Friday we've got a massive 40% off. I think that's another big thing. You're building trust right on DH, your belly, a Connexion with that person, Brathen. Just trying to shop that sail down the throat and there's a time and a place for that

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