The Cosmic Savannah - Episode 55: A Trip Down Under (Re-run)

Hi, everyone. Jacinta here. Dan and I, and the rest of The Cosmic Savannah team are having a bit of a week off. We all have a lot of things to catch up on, a lot of projects to work on. I myself am working on a TED talk, which I will be presenting in Western Australia in a few weeks and I'm very excited about that. We'll hopefully tell you more about that a bit later.

But for now, here is a rerun of episode 11 from all the way back in season one. And in this episode, well we chose this episode to rerun because it's about Australia. So it's from the last time that I visited Australia and I got to chat all about the SKA telescope and its precursors, MeerKAT and it's preceeding KAT7. And also the ones in Australia, ASKAP and MWA.

I was in Australia for a conference on neutral hydrogen gas, which if you're a regular listener of the show, you know, that's one of my most favorite topics. So here is an episode playing one of our very first episodes on neutral hydrogen gas also known as HI.

And I thought it was topical because you get to hear about a little bit about my life in Australia, which is where I am still at the moment, still waiting for a visa. And you can hear, we go on a little tour of my backyard here with all the birds and the bushland and my dogs.

And you get a bit of context about where I am at the moment. And in this episode, we chat with Dr. Ivy Wong, Dr. Brenda Namumba and Professor Peter Quinn. Peter Quinn, and Ivy Wong are both around here at the University of Western Australia and associated institutes. They're still here at the moment.

Although Peter Quinn is just about to retire as the director of the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research after 13 years. So I'd like to wish Peter well in, in whatever he moves on to in the future. And I would like to thank him very much because he himself and another researcher called Lister Staveley-Smith basically changed my life and set me on this career path that I'm on now. So it's thanks to Peter that you're hearing me now on The Cosmic Savannah. So thank you very much, Peter, for everything you've done and good luck in the future.

And Brenda Namumba, who you'll also hear from, has gone on to do amazing things. She is a postdoctoral researcher, I believe for the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory, but she is based somewhere in Europe.

I always see amazing photos from her European travels. So wherever you are, Brenda, well done on all of your successes. Yeah. And with that, I will leave you to enjoy this episode and Dan and I will be back, next time with a brand new episode.



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