Kim Jimenez (Part 2) Real Talk on Growing Your Business Through Online Marketing and Social Media
Fei Wu

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Be intentional about it, but be intentional. More importantly, about attracting the right people. Play with it and test it and experiment. That's really just our strategy was asking people, creating. and promoting that people are overwhelmed. That's literally the thing that I hear most often. And so if you can create a solution to that problem where they're able to breathe a little bit better and sleep a little bit better at night, cuz they know that they're not gonna forget to tweet, you know, after the morning meeting or, uh, they're not gonna forget, uh, to talk about their promotion, uh, over the weekend because all of it is planned out and scheduled in.

It just makes life so much easier.

I think that we have to learn how to think about our business from a foundational, fundamental perspective.

Hi everybody. This is your host, Faye W, and today I am inviting a very different kind of guest to talk about something we haven't yet covered in the past, at least to this level of details on pH's World. That is online marketing and passive income. Unfortunately, I can't use smart passive income or SPI because that is Path Flynn's signature move, though inevitably his name comes up quite a bit in this episode.

Why phase world has been an experiment of mind for over two years now, unlike most other podcasts that are focused on niche or unique topic phase, world's theme is focused on the person or the people I'm interviewing. We believe that there's no set format, step by step instruction to guarantee.

Therefore, we decided to interview interesting people from all walks of life. We're all in transitions, whether you admit it or you believe it or not, precisely why. I think it's important to not only talking to people in particular profession exclusively, or seeking out type A folks or people who are only successful.

There is a pretty big variety on phase world today. If you visit phase, midway down the page, you'll notice a choose your own adventure section where you can select the category of conversations you like. For example, agency and digital media, art and design, career advice, or you and Marshall Arts, music, travel, performing arts, social services, and te.

As part of my new area of growth, I have personally been exploring the area of online marketing, specifically creating online courses. Just about a month ago in, uh, the timeframe, I guess would be October and November, 2016, I created a series of live video. I called Freelance Live on my Facebook channel, which is World, and it was a wonderful exploration looking into my experience as a freelancer since the beginning of the.

And also my current endeavor, which is to compile my knowledge working in digital production for the past 10 years to a series of courses. Turns out this project is much bigger and more sophisticated than I ever thought before. After following a few online Gus who sell courses in the thousand dollars range, and frankly, too much blabbing.

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