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Sport is for Every Body Podcast_Ep04_Andrea Carey
Michael Woods

Hey, what's up everybody? I'm Michael Woods, founder of Inclusive Sport Design. Welcome to the ISD Podcast where we talk all things inclusion in sport with amazing guests who are out there making inclusion happen so you can learn and be inspired to make inclusion happen in your club or sport organization too.

We are as usual recording on beautiful Gundungurra country. I'd like to acknowledge and thank the Gundungurra people and pay my respects to their elders past and present. I also pay my respects and welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and all other indigenous and First Nations peoples who might be watching or listening in with us today.

Now, if you are new to the podcast or you are new to Inclusive Sport Design then I highly recommend you check out our episode Zero, which is our introduction episode for this podcast. You can learn more about who I am, what Inclusive Sport Design is all about, and kind of what we hope to achieve with the ISD Podcast.

So I'll pop a link in the show notes for you to check that out. Now today, this is episode number four and I'm with Andrea Carey to learn how she's making inclusion in sport happen across Canada for people with disabilities. Now, Andrea Carey is a highly credentialed Canadian inclusion practitioner who works to support clients and partners to create cultures of belonging and inclusion.

She has worked extensively on inclusion and improved access for indigenous peoples new arrivals, persons with disabilities, as well as women and girls. Andrea has even been a special advisor on disability inclusion to Canadian, sorry, let me say that again, to Canadian Federal Minister, Carla Qualtrough.

But in her day job, Andrea runs Inclusion Incorporated, which is a diversity, equity, inclusion consulting firm that works with clients across Canada. Andrea is also the co-founder and current executive director of One Ability, a nonprofit dedicated to providing sport opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages.

She's also co-chair of the Canadian National Para Collective, which is an initiative that Andrea co-founded in 2020, and Andrea's also spent 10 years with the Canadian Paralympic Committee as board director and chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and, currently sits on the Board of Kids Sport Victoria.

Absolutely busy person with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and certainly is an inclusion leader. So I'm really looking forward to this chat today. Let's get into it.

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