Logging Time in Noko
By Thomas Cannon
December 22, 2021
0:00 / 2:26

Hey there, this is Cannon, and I'm going to show you a little bit about logging time in Noko.

Logging your first entry

In Noko, it literally only takes seconds to create a time entry, even for new projects or clients. So you can get back to work without any hassle.

From anywhere in Noko you can click the blue "Log Time" tab on the top of the screen to show the Quick Entry box. On most pages, like the Dashboard, it's already open.

In the blue Quick Entry box, type: how long you worked, press Tab to pick which project, then press Tab again to give the entry a description.

Giving your entries a good description helps you get the most out of them later. Think of descriptions like a tweet (but without the size limit!) You can add hashtags wherever you want. The best descriptions are short and to the point.

Noko automatically rounds up the time you entered based on the project's billing increment. In this case 42 minutes became 45 minutes.

Noko uses smart parsing and makes intelligent guesses, so you only have to type the absolute minimum necessary. And there are lots of options and overrides, which you can learn about on our Help Site.

The easiest way to log your time is to do it as you go, which is where the Timer comes in!

Using the Timer

To show the Timer, pop-up click the blue "Timer" section on the left sidebar. Each project has its own Timer, which you can start at any time. Starting a Timer, automatically pauses, any running timer.

If you need to add or subtract time, you can use the plus and minus buttons on the left side. You can pause at any time, and once you're finished with a task, click the pink checkmark!

The Quick Entry box pops up so you can tweak your entry before logging it.

Editing and deleting an entry

If you ever need to edit an entry, you can click on it from the Dashboard or from a report. The Quick Entry box shows, and you can change the entry's date by clicking on the date at the top of the entry.

If you ever need to delete an entry, you can click on the red delete button; either from the report directly, or when editing an entry. If an entry has been invoiced, approved, or is part of an archived project, you won't be able to delete it.

Noko Apps

You can install Noko to the menu bar on your Mac, and we have an iOS app as well for super quick access to Noko on your iPhone. Android users can install the mobile web app to their phone screen