PodPast | Calvin Bui - Best Ever Food Review & FKN Deliciousness Host Remastered | S2 E7

    So today my guest is a chef, a restaurant tour. He's the owner of El Camino, which is celebrating its second birthday very soon and also dos Amigos, which is the news addition to this onewe food scene in.

    So my guest today is Calvin OE. Thank you very much for coming on the show. Thank you for having me. How's your day been so far? Uh, it's been immediate frenzy. Uh, we just finished a, uh, interview with et C before this, so it's definitely fun to see how much media's in Vietnam right now. It's definitely different than what it was 10 years ago.

    Um, but yeah, I'm, I'm happy to be here. And finally we have time to sit down together. Yeah, I was gonna say so Calvin has been the hardest person to get a time to sit down and have an interview with. I've actually been trying to Calvin on the show since season one and we've had a couple of scheduled interviews and things haven't gone on both of our parts.

    It's really difficult. He's a very busy man. I'm quite busy as well. So I'm, I'm glad that we finally get to sit down. Sure, sure. Conversation. And it's interesting what you see the media. And Saigon has really like, you know, developed, developed. Yeah. And it's good to see. And as a food and beverage is a big part of that as well.

    Right? Definitely. Definitely. I think, uh, the number of restaurants over the last 10 years has increased incrementally. Um, you know, Vietnam is still young on the food map in Southeast Asia, but, uh, the cost to, uh, create a restaurant here is a lot less than, um, a lot of restaurants, uh, elsewhere. And I think that, uh, young entrepreneurs, uh, young individuals who, uh, you know, they have something to say, they have, uh, something that they want to share with the, uh, restaurant world.

    They're coming out with popups and they're coming out with restaurants on all different scales and it's a really exciting time to be in Saigon right now. So really excited to be part of this big push when it comes to F and B and you were in early in the scene, right. And that's something we've talked about this on the podcast, not just in terms of F and B in terms of comedy, the arts creative scene tag is such a new kind of fresh canvas for many of the different kinda scenes.

    So it's good that you can get in LA and those, you can do a lot, right. That you maybe couldn't do in different cities. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I, I mean, I think for the most part, the, uh, young ESE they're really. Open to seeing what we have to come up with. And it's really exciting to see them, uh, come and enjoy and experience, uh, just the arts on all different scales.

    Whether you talk about fashion, you talk about filmmaking. Uh, you're talking about, uh, comedy that you mentioned earlier, uh, even in restaurants, you know, it's really, uh, a city that opens its arms and steps all of us in, and that's really cool. And what, um, the feedback that I've always been given is that the creative scene, and I think it's the same in the food and beverage routine, cuz I've seen it, they all support each other, right?

    There's obviously some competition, but it's not more of a friendly competition and everyone will help bring each other up. I, I agree. I think that, uh, you know, the city is only so big and we're all, uh, as individuals and art as artists is trying to. Make people happy. And there there's no time for, um, individuals who are, there's just no time for any of that hatred.

    You know, we're all here to work together and help one another. And I think that, um, in this day and age in 2019, we're definitely able to do that. And I have to give a shout as well. We're talking about the different scenes. The podcasting scene exploded this year. Yes. In Sagon. So I started in may and I looked about the scene and there was, um, the Senia podcast mm-hmm and then not long after that, there was the sexy meat talk podcast, which is Markson from via craft.

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