Terry Goddard: Sign the Petition to End Dark Money
By Larry Bodine
February 16, 2022
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Terry Goddard: Sign the Petition to End Dark Money
Larry Bodine

Welcome to today's meeting of Democrats greater Tucson. Today, we welcome former attorney general Terry Goddard, who will be joined by Chris Hawkins, who is the Southern Arizona coordinator of Stop Dark Money. He was the mayor of Phoenix and he was the attorney general from 2001 to 2003 We're talking about stopping dark money.

I think we all know what Dark Money is. It's millions of dollars that are contributed to candidates and campaigns without any record at all of who put the money on there. So Stop Dark Money supports a ballot initiative that would require all major contributors to clearly identify themselves if they invest more than $5,000 in support of a campaign or candidate.

And the Dark Money is pretty much responsible for all the negative ads, the misleading information, even outright lies. You find that voters are bombarding. Without Terry, the floor is yours. Thank you, Mr. President. It's a pleasure to be with DGT today. Arizona started out in 1912 as a very progressive state.

Terry Goddard

We had a short, we had a long ticket. We elected just about everybody at the state level. And we were very progressive and somehow things have gotten off track o f the point you just made about the effort in the legislature to get rid of voting centers, to get rid of mail in ballots, to get something that we participate in by about 80% to basically turn back the clock in terms of voters rights is just appalling. And I know DGT has taken a strong position as you always do against all of that, but it's a heritage that we sometimes forget, and I think we should today, especially be reminded of, but thank you again for the chance to be back with you.

This is my third rodeo on trying to stop dark money. As DGT has been with us every step of the way. And that has been a real source of help. I probably should explain why it's the third time many of, cause you've been some of our strongest helpers along the road, but the first one we, I thought qualified for the ballot.

But Americans for Prosperity is one of the most important national groups that champions dark money in politics. They came after us in court and were able to nullify enough of our signatures, that we were just a few thousand short of getting qualified for the ballot. Then the next year, 2020, we were on track.

We were getting there and then Covid hit. And so all of us took a very serious hit back in March of 2020. And we had to stop collecting signatures at a time when I really think we were right there. This time the third time, hopefully as a charm I don't know quite what the validity of that statement is, but we're trying very hard.

We've got a new coordinator in Pima County Chris Hawkins, who you mentioned Larry is going to be on the program with me today. And I will like to introduce her to everybody a little bit later after I've had a chance to go over the basics of what we're trying to do to stop dark money.

I think, and again, my apologies for those of you who know it and have read the petition and have been with us from the Beginning. But what this is trying to do is to establish in Arizona, a right to know. the original source of all funds spent to influence our votes. And that's a transposition of the first words of this piece of legislation.

And I think it pretty much says it all the right to know is what we're here talking about. And right now Arizona perhaps leads the country. In fact, they do in terms of tolerating. anonymous cash and our elections. As a percentage of the total amount of political money that's spent dark money is higher here than it is in other states, in any other state.