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What report can I export that includes last cost for all inventory items?

So Fishbowl has a report. We're an export called part cost. And part cost will capture the less cost. Okay. Okay. Now this is, so the cost, this one is the average cost, and this is the less cost.

Okay. If we're looking for something a little bit more sophisticated, back to my reports in the standard report world, Fishbowl's got one called costing Layer Valuation, which can show you the history of a part so I hope, I know I buy break cables all the time. Nevermind. I don't know of anything in this file. I've purchased and it'll show you a running. Of all the layers. So these are the actual recorded layers that are going into your cost calculation. Okay. What we did is we took this report as a base and we enhanced it.

Cause this guy's not going out to excel nicely at all. No. So we did this and you can choose what transactions you're looking at,

and this one does go out nicely to Excel. And in addition, so here is the cost, and if you have a standard cost established, I use this as a reference column when I'm not using standard cost is my costing algorithm. . So it can be my baseline cost so that I can see my movements and my trends. Okay. I, it also has a hyperlink to the transaction that created the the layer.

Okay. Because layers are created by purchase orders, work orders, and inventory adjustments.

And this does go nicely to Excel. Okay. Okay. Works. Thank you.