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How do I disclose when raw material is damaged in transit?

so we never got the material and we still have to pay the vendor while the claim is being processed, but we will get a possible refund later from the shipper. I hope that makes sense, . Okay. It makes sense. And so what I've got here is I have a non Pushable transaction. So I issue a PO and I never get the goods, or I get some of the goods, okay.

I'm gonna pay the vendor the total. So I do not wanna bring this into fishbowls inventory. I could bring it into fishbowls inventory and then scrap it, or I could bring it into fishbowls inventory and move it into a damaged claims location. Okay. And go ahead and pay the bill and leave it in fishbowl's inventory.

So , I'm guessing you, so we have a couple choices or we can just do it on the QuickBooks side, pay the vendor and, wait till we get our claim. So we have choices if I want to use it, if I want to go ahead, close out the go ahead and receive it so I can receive this. Okay.

Okay. And now that it's received, I could come over here to the materials inventory screen and it was, the name of it was, see this problem of walk talking and doing at the same time? MC 9300. So I come over here to the inventory screen, I can then move mc 9,300 and I can move that one to a lock location. Okay. Do I have an Okay, do I have a quarantine? Yeah, so I, right here, this quarantine is a lock location, so when I move it there, it becomes not available. So these two are both in. Unavailable locations, so I've paid for it, what have you, and eventually you're gonna have a resolution and you're probably going to scrap this out against the money's received back from the freight company.