Chris Voss: Tactical Empathy & Skillful Negotiation for Digital Content Creators
    Fei Wu

    All right. Hi everyone. Uh, this is Faye from Face World Media. I have a very, very special guest today with me, uh, Chris Vos. Uh, I have chatted and maybe interviewed Chris several times already in the past, and we actually met up in person in Venice, California in 2018 for the phase world documentary. That was such a memorable experience.

    Um, Chris and I just absolutely, I learned so much from you that day and, and all the, and the years leading to that. So, before we get started, I'm gonna introduce Chris to those of you who are not as familiar with his work and uh, here we go. So, Chris Voss is a former lead F B I negotiator and and dynamic speaker who debunks the biggest myths of negotiation.

    Chris engages all groups with captivating stories, insights, useful tips, and business for business and everyday life, as well as interactive audience participation. Chris has LED lectured and has lectured on negotiation at business schools across the country and has been seen and featured on A, B, C bs, cnn, Fox News and Forbes.

    Kris's keynotes are based on his book, never split. The difference and topics include negotiation secrets from an F B I hostage negotiator. Why yes is the last thing you want to hear? Two words that immediately transform any negotiation and guaranteeing execut. How to ensure follow through. And in this livestream we'll be discussing Chris's latest project and book, the full fee agent released in November, 2022, and available wherever books are sold, as well as the tactical, empathy and skillful negotiation for digital content creators, uh, including.

    For instance, if you're a YouTuber, podcaster, social media influencer, content creator in general, who's looking to grow your brand and your business, this is going to be an invaluable masterclass delivered to you. Bye Chris. So don't miss out this opportunity. And with that said, Chris, welcome. I'm finally seeing you here.

    Chris Voss

    That's fantastic. I'm really happy to be on with you. You're wonderful and energetic and colorful, uh, all at once. It's fun. Yeah.

    Fei Wu

    Oh, thank you Chris. Thank you so much. For those of you who are watching, we can't really see you if you're on, on LinkedIn, so feel free to drop any comments once again. So Chris, I'm so excited to learn about this project.

    I'm subscribed to your newsletter. I definitely follow through on everything. You have my favorite masterclass on and I've watched it on my own with my family and friends. Uh, it's just incredible. But we're gonna. Open with this brand new project book that you co-authored called the Full Fee Agent.

    So I'm really curious, how did this project come about for you?

    Chris Voss

    Well, um, uh, my co-author Steve s Schul, uh, when he got in touch with us probably about six years ago now. Wow. Um, And actually got, uh, he got in touch with the company, talked to my son Brandon, who's, who's really sort of built the company and been running things.

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