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Sarah Nagy - 7.5M Raised after joining Founders Cafe

Before joining Founders Cafe, I was two months into seek. I remember. Feeling a little lost.

, I didn't have actually that many startup connections. Just felt like I needed to start networking I was still solo founder. I had just finished building the initial alpha,

I was like right in the middle of starting to talk to customers and was feeling a little lost. Because I didn't really know what steps to take.

I didn't know about a letter of intent or like any of that stuff. I learned about Founders Cafe through a hacker news post, by someone with the username Lesbian Bezos, Wow, that's, I don't, I don't see usernames like that too much on Hacker News.

Like, I'm intrigued. So I was like, you know, what is this thing? And then I saw the background of a lot of people in the community, and was really impressed by the people that I'd be joining. So that's what made me wanna sign up was just the opportunity to just meet other founders and, , I just felt like I had a lot to learn, that's why I signed up.

The advice I got from some of the people I met on Founders Cafe helped me get my first couple of pilot customers. once I had those pilot customers, I was able to raise thee round and that led to me making my first hires and that led to us getting more traction

and then we were able to raise our seed round after that. I would say , looking back, I was , really finding my way in the beginning and I think being part of the community where I was talking to a lot of people and, forming the path to, getting the next step.

Was, , very valuable.

I would say the things that I got the most out of it were definitely some of the senior members of the community that were there to. They gave me some really good advice about, my sales funnel. The steps that I needed to take to get my first customers. , to be honest, I didn't even know what go to market was, when I was starting seek

I was a technical founder and it really helped me develop the business skills that I needed to get to the next step.