Still Curious S3E6 - Lalith Gunaratne
    Lalith Gunaratne

    if you're not aware of your breath, you're not really aware of your body. When you're not aware of your body, we treat it like an object. So if I get a headache, I cut the headache off by taking a pill, I don't address a root cause. In this part of the world, even mindfulness is brought

    in a very reductionist way

    what you're doing is you're then feeding into the same framework of how The world operates in this whole left brain objective oriented world.

    The mindfulness practice at the core is totally antithetical. It's about non-self. It's about eventually realizing that there's no self. Do I need to really buy that new car? Do I have to work in this place? Do I need to earn this much money? How much is enough for me? When does my need move over to the want?

    Danu Poyner

    You're listening to the Still Curious Podcast with me, Danu Poyner.

    My guest today is Lalith Gunaratne who is a parent, entrepreneur and educator on mindful leadership, ethics, values, and sustainable organizations. Lilith was born into a Buddhist background in Sri Lanka among a Catholic neighborhood. He became aware of the practice of mindfulness at age 12, when he was introduced to meditation by a Buddhist monk.

    As a teenager, he moved with his family to Canada, where at first he was enamored by the material world but soon encountered the difficulties of being one of the few people of color in his school where he was often subjected to racist slurs and discrimination. Lalith was able to find strength and solace in his mindfulness practice, which he used to ground himself and stay present in the moment. In today's discussion, Lalith shares his fascinating and effecting mindfulness journey and how it has informed his approach to life and business.

    Lalith Gunaratne

    I guess one of the things that I've always lived with, again, going back to that whole uncertainty and impermanence of life, is not to have a grand plan. So I never set goals in my life. Everything evolved by living well now and doing well now in the present time.

    Danu Poyner

    Lalith set himself that conscious goal of daring to live a life of personal and professional integrity, which as you can imagine has taken him on many surprising adventures. Trained in engineering technology, he shares his experiences as an entrepreneur and how he has integrated mindfulness into his business ventures. He shares his story of starting a solar energy business in Sri Lanka during a time of civil war and the challenges presented by his commitment to ethical business practices and customer service.

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