Grokkist Supporters Update - 1H 2023
By Danu Poyner
May 12, 2023
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Grokkist Supporters Update - 1H 2023
Danu Poyner

Thank you very much for coming along to acus supporters update. those of you who are here in, in personal on screen and those of you who are watching it later on the recording, I wanted to take the opportunity just to give you an idea of what Grokkist is as an organization and what we're trying to do and how it's going so far and where we're going in future, and be pretty down to and open handed, about that, so that you have an idea what we're doing.

So I'm you. A few things. today I'm gonna start very simply why Grokkist exists and who cares, basically, what is the so what of Grokkist and then go a little bit into, how it's set up as an organization and what's the plan for making money, as a business. Where does the money come from? it's been an operation for, a year.

So we'll take you through the year one kind of stats and financials, and then have a look at what we've done so far and what we plan to do over the next year. But if you've got any questions as we go along, just pop them in the chat, and we'll have a chance to get to them at the end. without further ado,

Why Grokkist exists and so what

when I think of how to talk about Grokkist as an organization, the thing that comes, the thing I come back to most is this quote from one of our early members, which is, I love having a word for the way I am.

This is from Emily. So I wanted to unpack. What that means and why it's valuable. what is the value in that thought? So first of all, we need to think about what is a grokkist, cuz this is a word that has been invented for the purposes of this, organization and its missions. So it's built on the idea of grokking.

Grokking is a word that some people know. Not many people know it really, but it is a word with some currency. and it means to drink literally. And it also means, in its more usual sense to understand something really quite deeply, thoroughly, intuitively. Sometimes someone would say almost spiritually, it's a word that comes from a science fiction novel.

A Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein and it's. About the man from Mars who grows up in a collectivist culture and then comes over to Earth, and tries to understand our ways. So grok is this kind of idea that runs through this. so a grokkist then is someone whose way of being in the world is to be grokking all the time.

It's to be understanding deeply everything that we do and to be thirsty for learning all of the time and really driven by curiosity and following our interests. So having spoken to a lot of people, about their experiences of this, that, that resonate with them. I've boiled it down now to, a few core attributes that I think sum up the grokkist experience that are broad enough to be, inclusive of the many different walks of life that everyone comes from, but also specific enough to really give shape to a particular kind of person, who is in the world and shows up in the world in a particular kind of way.