Transcript of DTG Meeting 11-15-21 with Chris Mathis
By Larry Bodine
November 17, 2021
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Transcript of DTG Meeting 11-15-21 with Chris Mathis
for transcription - DGT 11-15 meeting

Hello, and welcome to today's meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. My name is Larry Bodine. I'm the president and I will be your host today. We have an interesting speaker lined up and that is Chris Mathis. He is seeking the appointment to fill the vacancy of Randy Friese. So let me tell you a little bit about our speaker Chris Mathis.

We're at a particularly crucial time in Southern Arizona because our LD 9 incumbents, Dr. Friese and Pamela Powers Hanneley are not seeking reelection. So Chris is asking for our support in the upcoming appointment to Randy freezes seat. And he says, he'll also be a candidate in 2022. He's got a really nice legal, legislative and personal background.

That'll put him in a position to hit the ground running in Phoenix. And as Arizona faces a lot of imminent threats that press wants to address. And that includes reproductive rights, voting rights, water resources, and the chronic underfunding of education and the ongoing Republican assault on our publication system education system.

Larry Bodine

And with that, the floor is yours. Go ahead.

Chris Mathis

Thank you very much, Larry. And thank you to all of you for being here today and to Democrats of greater Tucson for having this great forum. And I also look forward to coming to the Drinking democratically the new, lo freshly-logoed Drinking Democratically this week.

So I'm, Chris Mathis. I am as Larry mentioned, running for the appointment to the LD nine vacancy created by Randy freeze, stepping down, I'm also a candidate, as you mentioned in, in August. Some of the folks who are going for the appointment are going to run in August . But there are a number of us.

I think there's something like 12 of us, depending on how you count. And that those of you who aren't LD nine folks, that election will occur on Saturday. So as Larry mentioned I am a lawyer. I also have legislative background and I think that my, my legal background, my legislative background and my personal background.

Positioned me at this moment to hit the ground running and Phoenix, which I think is really going to be important given the fact that not only Randy freezes leaving, but as Larry mentioned, Pam powers, Handley, isn't running again. It's possible. I hope not, but it's possible that we'll also have an open Senate seat and of course, a number of other people as we see almost every day are leaving the legislature.

So I think having someone in, that role who has some experiences is valuable. So let me tell you a little bit about that. A little bit about my background. As I mentioned, I am a lawyer, I'm an elder lawyer. I've been practicing elder law in Tucson for 15 years. I also teach a couple courses at the university of Arizona college of law.

I teach a course on healthcare. Law and policy having to do with the regulatory and legal fundamentals of healthcare business. I also teach a course on aging in America and I'm in my law practice and elder law practice. Really what I do on a day-to-day basis is I help people navigate the, system that that we have in the United States that folks have to navigate when they get older.