"Creating a Portable Empire: Building a Million Dollar Brand from Your Van"
Lais Stephan

All right, we are live on the show with Sam Altieri today. Welcome, Sam.

Sam Altieri

Hello. Thank you so much for having me.

Lais Stephan

I'm really excited to be here. Oh, I'm so excited. Oh my God. We are going to discuss today, van Life and having a successful business while we are traveling. Having the nomadic lifestyle, all with an authentic brand and using intuition and feminine flow. That's just a few of the themes, but I just can't wait to ask Sam all about her lifestyle and any tips she might have for us.

So Sam, why don't you introduce yourself with your

Sam Altieri

own words. Sure. Yeah. Well yeah, I mean, you touched upon it briefly, right? Like I am totally a nomad. I think I have that, that Sagittarius energy is definitely real in me. I, I love adventuring and meeting people and I think I've always had a desire to be a nomad ever since I read Tim Ferris's book four Hour Work Week, and I realized that you could, Travel and work and amazing.

I think the second I read that book when I was in my nine to five, I, my, in my previous life I was an architect, and Oh cool. Yeah, I remember like going on a trip and flying on the plane and reading this book and being like, oh my God, I need to do this. Like, there was like no other option for me. I just like, that was like that unlocked.

For myself that I was like, wait, I can do that. Like, hell yeah. I already did a lot of traveling in college and after college both in groups, in solo, and I just knew that. Really kind of the life I wanted to live. And so, yeah, fast forward to today, right? In, let's see, in 2011, my fiance and I decided, or 2022.

2021. What am I saying? 2011. 2021, my fiance and I decided that we are gonna sell basically everything we owned and oh my God, buy a sprinter van, and. . Yeah. You know, have somebody build it out for us with like a custom design cuz we were gonna live in it. We wanted this thing to be awesome. And so we did that and we moved into it in January of 2022.

So we've been traveling a little bit longer than a year. We've taken some breaks of course, but yeah. And we've been traveling on the road and while I'm running my coaching business and meeting people and all of that. So it's been, it's been a ride. It's obviously there's ups and downs, but we are so glad that we're doing it and honestly, I've like really fallen in love with the lifestyle of, of traveling full-time.

Lais Stephan

So anybody listening to this, you have to go and follow Sam on Instagram. I'm gonna link everything on the description below, but she just shares so much of her van life on the Instagram stories and a bit on the feed as well. And I think you have a YouTube channel that I'm also gonna link. It's just so nice.

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