Expanding Your Products & Services while Staying on Brand - feat. Jessica Peddicord of Simply Jessica Marie

    Hello y'all. I almost said you guys and I said y'all, and then it was like y'all. But anyway, um, I am triple espresso up. So welcome to this show. We have an awesome guest with us, Jessica, of simply Jess. Marie. You guys know her? You love her. She's our favorite grand millennial. Oh my gosh. So excited to chat with her today.

    Um, so I'm gonna read her a quick, her bio real quick and then we'll get started in all the ation we have going on with her. So, um, filling homes with color and whimsy, simply Jess. Maria offers classic prints and flor. Personality packed, heirloom family crest and thoughtful watercolor gifts. Her business was founded in 2013 and her lifestyle shop provides charming high quality offerings that fill each day with breathtaking beauty, ranging from hand painted art prints to tee towels, wrapping paper calendars, and more.

    The creative business also features the Crest Bar, which is like her signature thing. So cool. Bringing the stories of couples, families, and businesses to life through Cherish Crest personalized with hand created floral color monogram and icon selections, and transformed into investment pieces. That lasts a lifetime.

    We love it. So a family owned and operated small business, simply Jessica Marie is founded and owned by Jessica Petor, a grand millennial, watercolor artist, dress designer, and educator who is dedicated to preserving family memories and decorating intentionally passion about teaching other small business owners.

    Jessica also offers online courses and her student favorite vendor guide to help each student hone their craft, grow their own product shops, and navigate their industry. And we'll give you all the links for all her stuff later. But Jessica, we're so excited to chat with you. I feel like it's been a long time coming to have you on this show.

    So welcome, . Thank you. I'm so excited to have or to be on this show too. I was telling Cammy before. Uh, when we were scheduling the interview, that y'all's podcast is one of my favorites to listen to while packing shop orders, so it's cool to be on the show myself now. It's very, very exciting cuz I don't know, it's been a long time, Jessica, since you and I talked, maybe last time would've been like when we were organizing the summit

    So probably it's really fun to be able to like touch base and see how your business has been progressing in the past years especially. So we'll go ahead and just jump right into the questions that we have for you guys. Jessica's amazing. She really outlined everything with detailed bullet points. And first all Jessica's like the neatest person alive.

    Like, she's just like so perfect. And like, even like your stories of your office with like your boxes all lined up perfectly. And I'm like, I wish mine looked like that. Like it's so nice. And then her little interview questions here are just like, all like ABC and then like goes into Roman numerals.

    You're like, what in the heck? This is exactly what I would expect. Like it's so buttoned up. I have to be prepared. . She's so prepared and I love it. So, Jessica, tell us when you first started your business, do you remember your intentions with it at the beginning? If you can remember back to that point when, you know, when we all come to our businesses, we kind of have an idea in our head maybe of what it looks like.

    So I'd love to hear what your vision was or what you thought it would be. . Yeah, of course. So I feel like, I don't know, it was a lot smaller than I was thinking it would ever grow into it this point. Um, I actually started as a blog when I was in college and bought the domain name simply jessica marie.com because jessica marie.com was taken.

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