Table Talk 022

    All right, well, welcome to today's episode of The Table Talk podcast, and today we have a special guest with us. So we have Dr. Lindsey Elmore with us today. So thank you so much for joining us. Dr. Elmore is also a doctor of pharmacy and she is a speaker, author, and world renowned wellness expert. She translates complicated science into understandable stories and travels the world, educating audiences about natural wellness.

    She obtained her undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Alabama Birmingham, and a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco. She's a similar background to me actually, which will lead into how we met, but she did her first year postdoc residency and pharmacy practice at Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

    And she did a second year specialty in ambulatory care in North Carolina at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. So Dr. Elmore and I first connected over Kombucha in Las Vegas. And we were sitting there at actually a American Society of Health System Pharmacy Committee meeting helping to plan I think it was like the educational steering committee, right?

    We were helping to plan content for that committee and for that conference. So we were both involved there from our ambulatory care background. And for those patients listening to ambulatory care just means people that are in a clinic or outpatient setting but mainly focused on the management of chronic disease.

    Since then we both have had sort of an enlightening or a more awakening to the healthcare system and just really how conventional medicine leaves our patients frustrated and confused and not getting answers. And often we have to dive a little bit deeper into actually being able to help them with their health conditions.

    So today our topic is actually focused on the gut brain access because Dr. Elmore is actually joining us on our FX Med CE platform, which is, where we educate other practitioners. Our focus is pharmacists but we also have opportunity for other providers to join us and we dig deep into some of these root causes that we talk about a lot.

    So I thought since that was coming up, and we do have some other clinicians that listen to our podcast and I know this information is so important to get out there to whoever wants to listen and hear it. So Dr. Elmore and I are gonna talk a little bit today about that gut brain access. Her presentation is talking specifically about the microbiome connection.

    So why don't you just kick it off with anything else you wanna introduce yourself what you're up to now, and then just let us know how this like gut connects to, to our wellness and our mental wellness as far as like anxiety, depression, mood disorders.


    Well, the gut is absolutely critically important for the function of our mental wellbeing. We don't really think about the, the enteric nervous system, which is a collection of a hundred million nerve cells that really operate independently from the brain. But this enteric nervous system does a lot to influence a person's state of mental health.

    And it's this connection between the enteric. So enteric means gut alongside the central nervous system that is a part of the gut brain access. So the gut brain access is where this enteric nervous system and the brain communicate with each other, which controls not only our digestion and our gastrointestinal processes.

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