Ryan Hildebrandt Get Your First TED Talk
Fei Wu

Hey. Hello. How are you? This is a show for everyone else instead of going after top 1% of the world, we dedicate this podcast to celebrate the lives of the unsung heroes and self-made artists.

Ryan Hildebrandt

You learn very quickly about the difference between making something that is correct and making something that people actually like and explaining and, and explaining a very complex process to somebody.

I wanted to celebrate the fact. To make something is really cool and I wanted to bring those people together, but also recognize the fact that to make something that doesn't exist, it, it takes a lot of courage to, to do that

for a TEDx event. It doesn't make logical sense, like people don't actually attend 10 X events because of the speakers, the ideas. If it's not the speakers or ideas, why instead we focused on, uh, not the speakers, the ideas, but the experience. Like you're gonna be in this room of the smartest people in the town and it's gonna be this memorable thing that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Marketing a thing that nobody wants is almost impossible, but spreading something. People love and is valuable to people, and people want to hear from you is 10,000 times easier.

The world is not, it's like a TED talk. Like it's, there's things that appear to be scary and they're not easy, but it's not like this is impossible thing. And often if you start to look. The individual steps that are actually required. It's not that bad.

Fei Wu

Hi there. This is Fei Wu from The Feisworld Podcast. Welcome to another episode of Face World. Today on the show, I'm joined by Ryan Hildebrant. Ryan reached out to me via email late last year. I found out through his introduction that he teaches people on how to get their first Ted. That's both clear and niche enough.

I thought perhaps I could change up phase world for this episode and make the content more tactical and less meta. Ryan and I explored precisely that how to Get Your First TED Talk. It's a systematic approach and literally anyone can do it if they follow these steps. This is rather counterintuitive because most people won't pitch or promote themselves as speaker.

If they had no prior experience or they don't have time, the excuse can be infinite. So for those of you who have been contemplating about being part of a TED Talk or at any other speaking engagement and spread your message, this episode is for you living in Eastern Europe. At the time Ryan was inside an Airbnb when we recorded this conversation via Skype, he was location independent, which make me quite jealous to be.

Ryan is traveling around the world and has been for the past six months or so. I thought immediately how this episode could resonate with some of the millennial listeners. Ryan was very honest about both the pros and cons of that very decision and what he hopes to do next on his journey. What makes Ryan uniquely qualified to speak about this topic?

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