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    Dr. Kimahli Powell

    If we're really going to integrate newcomers in our sector, we have to do more than just talk the talk.

    Bruce MacDonald

    You're listening to Let's Imagine, an Imagine Canada podcast for everyone interested in social issues and the nonprofit sector. I'm your host, Bruce McDonald. At Imagine Canada, we believe that by leveraging our national vantage point, Building cross sector relationships and sharing and developing our knowledge base, we can advance social, economic, and environmental justice through our collective action.

    Join us as we dive deep into conversations that have big implications for the non profit and charitable sector here in Canada. A special thank you to our knowledge partner, Carter's Professional Corporation. Together, let's imagine a stronger future.

    I'm absolutely delighted to introduce our two guests today. We have Senator Ratna Amidvar, member of the Independent Senators Group and a longtime champion of our sector. And Dr. Kamali Powell, the CEO of Rainbow Railroad. In terms of setting the context for the conversation today, as we know going forward, this country is welcoming 1.

    5 million newcomers. to our shores in the coming three years. In addition, the data about our sector talks about and demonstrate, it demonstrates our ability as a sector to be a major contributor to the newcomer experience. From a service delivery perspective, newcomers to this country often have two points of contact.

    Government and charities and non profits as they seek to establish their lives here in Canada. And as we've learned from employment data, The pathway to employment for many immigrants, particularly immigrant women, is through charities and non profits. And so today we want to explore a little bit about the future of Canada and how it will be shaped by immigration.

    And so with that, I'm going to turn first to Senator Omanvar, who identifies as a newcomer, identifies as an immigrant, just for some opening comments. On this

    important topic.

    Senator Ratna Omidvar

    Thank you, Bruce. And thank you so much for having me here. You talked about a home in government. I completely ascribe to that and will work on making that aspiration a reality.

    My real home is the charitable and not for profit sector and for many, many reasons. But on the bigger question off immigration, and numbers and readiness. I will only look into the future and share with you what you already likely know. Population growth is an underlying concern in Canada and growth in immigration is necessary for a bigger.

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