2021 Citizen Journo Awards - Foreign
By George Webb
January 25, 2023
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2021 Citizen Journo Awards - Foreign
George Webb

Okay. Hello everyone. My name is George Webb and these are the 2021 Citizen Journalism Awards. And today we're gonna be looking at foreign journalists that especially contributed to coronavirus and origins of coronavirus work. Two stand out journalists, one's Di Yana. Her name is synonymous with picking out the early days, 2017, 2018 of the Pentagon. We established a link between Pakistan and China in my books, but this was the link to the former Soviet Union, the former Soviet Union States, Richard Luger Center Georgia.

The country of Ukraine and going to the actual locations of the Georgia TOI location and showing the documents associated with with all of that.


And of course, Dianna outlined these 26 different labs bioweapons Labs in Ukraine, and as well as all these other different bioweapons labs all over the, around the former Soviet Union. Our channel had the ability to create the key link between Pakistan and China. But, and we think that's the big part of the story that maybe Deliana didn't get, but still she was the one who was the key person to find the State Department.

State Department diplomatic security services, people moving these blood pathogens to these different partners in bioweapons programs. Focus mainly on the Soviet Union and ours work, of course was the China work through Pakistan. The other great journalist that also worked on this from last American Vagabond, which is Whitney Webb.

Whitney Webb was out in January of 2020. Talking about bats, gene editing, bioweapons, recent DARPA experiments raise concerns about Coronavirus outbreak. That was right at the beginning. And you could see here, she writes a long article but basically she was the first one who talked about bats as bioweapons.

So if you know any other folks, right now we're just doing foreign journalists that are in non five eyes. We'll do Canada, Australia, England and United States later. But if you know any journalists outside of those countries that you'd like to nominate for specific work for citizen journalism on Coronavirus, please let us know.