Podcast Editing Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll cover the entire workflow for editing podcasts in Descript. Check the chapters if you're looking for help with a specific element of the podcasting workflow. And, if you're an existing user, be sure to check out our article on what's changed in Descript for additional help navigating the new layout.

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Drive & Project Org

Keeping your podcasting projects organized will help you have the best Descript experience possible.

How you organize your drive comes down to the kind of podcast you're making.

In general, we recommend making a folder to encompass your entire podcast, and then within that folder,

sub folders for different episodes or aspects of your podcast.

For example, if you're working on a narrative audio series with lots of interviews that you have to sort through,

you shouldn't put all of your files into a single project. Overloading projects with large files can lead to laggy performance.

Once you've uploaded and transcribed your media, which I'll walk through in detail after this, you can create a single project per episode.