Seminary Student Dashboard
By Redeeming Productivity
July 25, 2023
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Seminary Student Dashboard

This is Reagan rose, just giving you a little overview of the seminary student dashboard in notion. So the idea is this could be an all-in-one place for you to keep track of everything you have to do in seminary. Um, let me show you the dashboard first and then I'll show you each of the elements. So from the start, I have some quick links to all the TMS stuff. Like your, your canvas, your student email self-service logos, Bible software.

You can, obviously you could update these yourself anytime you want. Just add a new link and then you just copy and paste a URL into here or, um, Click link. And you could make that go to If you wanted to.

Over here is just a quick way for you to record your schedule. Um, you could record what, when your class times are. And when your study time is, this is important to make sure that you're making time to study each day. And just helps you remember once you create a study schedule for yourself.

Down here at tasks, assignments, and courses. These are the three elements that make this up. At the highest level, our courses, these of course are your actual courses that can be tagged by semester. And then within a course is going to be your various assignments, which will relate back to the courses. I'll show you more of this in a moment.

And then there's your tasks. These are the things you've decided to do. To help you make progress on each of these assignments. So let's start at the highest level with courses. Now you can access each of these through the dashboard, but also there is a menu on the side. And that has each of these areas as well. So let's use the menu and jump into courses.

In here, you have your courses for the fall semester. I've simply applied a filter that. Selects only courses for fall 2023. I also made a list here of any courses. And of course you'll need to add new, um, tags. When you get to your later semesters, I'll show you how to do that as well. It's very easy. You could just select this and type in, um,

Fall 2024. And now that's an option as well.

But, uh, we need to switch that one back.

There. Okay. So when you, this is basically a catchall for anything you want to record about your course now you don't need to re type your whole syllabus in here, but the idea is. When you open this up. You're presented with everything you need to know. So you have a notes area. So each new class period you can, um,

Start a new note for it. This can make it full screen. Uh, You can select the date. So you remember what day was that? I was taking notes. And then you can take your notes in here, like you would in any notes app. Um, you can even do headings.