Retrospective for December 18
By Ernie Varitimos
December 19, 2022
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Retrospective for December 18

All right. I don't expect this week to to be normally this week is not particularly volatile. It's usually winding down, but this is a, this is a special time. We're heading into the new year or the end of this year potentially. At or near or maybe even creating a year low.

So that's an unusual, that would be very unusual. As far, if you go back and you look at down years very rarely do you have.

Have a situation where you go into the end of the year and you're at or near the low of the year. That's gonna be a special thing. And it's possible that we continue down. I thought for sure we were going to have some sort of rally, but that never materialized. And the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if we.

At the start of the year, just like we had this past year a huge move down. That's very possible, but it doesn't, it really doesn't do us any good to speculate on things like that cuz it doesn't really matter, quite frankly with what we do. Our exposure is only for a single day. And of course it's gonna make a difference in your longer term plans.

And any investments that you have? I am personally mostly in cash. Other than that, I have a little gold and a little Tesla. I'm gonna probably exit, I, I entered Tesla last week only because they were at such a huge low. If I get a little pop in Tesla this week, I'm gonna I might get out.

I, either that or I'll hedge the position, but that's it. A little bit of Tesla and cuz I think the stock was just beaten down from a political point of view. A little bit of Tesla and a little bit of gold. Gold has been holding very steadily, even with the down market. And I think that's good.

I've been buying gold as well. I've been buying the physical I, just so you know I sold all of my gold at the beginning of the year, actually in April. I sold all my physical as well as the paper, but I sold all of my pre 1933 are rare corn gold, and as well as my. And I sold it when the price was above $1,900.

And then since it's been at around $1,600 or, high sixteens, I've been buying it back. And I've also been buying gold royalty and gold streaming companies. All of those companies, the Gold Royalty and Gro Gold streaming, they are the financiers of of mergers and acquisitions, new projects, new miners, junior miners, that sort of thing.

And they derive, they derive all of their revenue either from the produced goal that they take out of the ground or they get a They get gold at a predetermined price. And they're generally the people that, the kind of companies, the gold companies that I invest in as opposed to investing directly into the miners because they have no overhead and so no expenses.

They're just basically financing operations. They may own various properties or Have interest in a lot of different properties, but that's what I've been doing. Gold royals and streamers and physical gold. I'm just looking to basically find a place to park cash. That's another thing that I think is really important is have plenty of cash on hand.