Breaking Bank Monopolies with DeFi: An Insider's View with Michael Svoboda, CEO of Liquity
Michael Svoboda

in a world where you have, Memecoin dynamics and GameStop economies, uhhuh, you know, people that are bored on Reddit can start stuff. You know, as you said, Pepecoin, I mean, bored teenagers in a basement can now take down banks in the US


Hello and welcome to defier the crypto storytelling podcast. That is the ideal audio companion while you do the dishes. So go ahead, grab your sponge and scrap those dirty plates that have been piling up since Bitcoin pizza day. My name is Jonas. And today on the show, we hear the story of Michael Svoboda the CEO of the company that built Liquity and Liquity of course, is one of these dangerously underrated Ethereum gems.

It's a protocol that is like a vending machine where you can borrow against the ether and to get a stable coin back it's called LUSD. And we dive into all of that, but let's be honest, what truly adds flavor to these discussions? Aren't the technical details and the intricacies of those DeFi protocols. It's the passionate stories our guests bring to the table.

When they break free from the rehearsed PR speak and reveal their unfiltered perspectives. And trust me, Michael doesn't disappoint. He shared some incredible stories about how Justin Sun locked in a billion USD worth of ETH. Within the very early days of Liquity and unproven protocol and how he almost got liquidated. And he also brings on the heat when talking about the ongoing banking crisis and how DeFi really can shine and prove its usefulness while banks are crumbling left and right. Are you ready to dive in? But before that, a quick word from our sponsor.

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Exploring Liquity's Practical Applications

Mm-hmm. You know, I do this podcast also because it gives me access to interesting people like you and I can ask the question that are burning mm-hmm for me and let's say I have some ETH lying around right now and I would like to do something smart with them cuz you know, it's the bear market. Not much is going on.

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