Process | Adding processes
By Luc Hillege
January 24, 2022
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Process | Adding processes

Hi there, I'm Luc Hillege from Ecochain. And today I'm giving you a video tutorial on how you can add processes into the Ecochain platform. This video is for beginning users and we're going to use the fairly simple example of a concrete plant, which we were using in previous videos as well. Let's get started. Click on process and let's go.

This is the page where you can enter your production processes. So the main processes that occur in a concrete plant are weighing, for example, weighing of raw materials by a weighing machine. So you can enter a process name and a process description, and then, we are done. Click on the green button to add the process.

Allright. That's go to the next step. Let's include mixing as a process. We will enter another process description. Mixing the raw materials together.

In the concrete plant, there's also internal transport of the raw materials. For example, via dumptrucks or a conveyor belt. So let's include internal transport and let's give it a description.

The transport of raw materials, via dump trucks or conveyor belt. Click on add process, and the processes is added.

Of course there are also non-related processes to production, so for example, the office or headquarters are activities that take place, but they are not relevant for the life cycle assessment. Of your product. I add the description here. Office or non production related processes or activities.

And there we go, we've just entered four production processes to the Ecochain platform. You can of course make it specific for your Production facility as well. I hope you enjoy this video. This is how you do it. It's fairly simple and straightforward, and good luck entering your own production processes.