Should we use softwares to manage advertising on Amazon

George Reid00:00

It's interesting because a lot of people who are much smaller than Nordic brands will be going - I need to go get a bit of software otherwise I'm never gonna be okay now. Amazon, and you're like and Destaney in the betterAMS did the same that we just use Excel. And, it's it's fine, we're doing the job. But then while I had a great conversation in the day with I can't remember the chap I spoke to but we were saying at what point do you think machine learning and ai is going to be the driving force of these new tools or existing tools and how they develop to the point where they are better than the human. Do you think that that is coming? Or...

Joshua Justice00:42

So I would say no, but I'm not I don't I don't think so. I feel I'm so pretty big on having your own eyes on your account and everything that's going on because I think it's just it's a tool that supplement the person and the brand. I think you know, there might be something where Okay, it's more efficient to bid lower on this. But, you know, maybe I want to bid high on this keyword that is a really high volume keyword because I know that the average buyer's gonna by my product 3 more times this year. And so that's also a way to look at your ACOS like, yeah, my ACOS is 80%, but you know, the average buyer buys my product, three more times this year. So if you factor that in, you know, and then there are lifetime customer then you know it's kind of worth it,

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