Brigit Esselmont @Biddytarot How to get started with Tarot for digital content creators #biddytarot
Fei Wu

Excited to introduce you to my friend Bridget from biddy and, uh, you know, I, I, first of all, I want this intro to be sort of unscripted because as I'm. Going to different stores, meeting new friends. Even going to these so-called like a spiritual stores that are popping up in the US these days.

I walk in as, and I say, have you heard of Bridget from Biddy Tarot? How come you haven't? Here's, I literally like sharing URLs with people because I have been really transformed and so appreciative. Um, of getting to know you and the things that I have learned through you because, um, Bridget, you are the founder of Biddy Taro.

I would say the biggest and number one, you know, not just tarot reading, but to understand, I think our spirituality, our creative energy, uh, at the next level, you know, you're. , one of the biggest sites out there, and I have since then purchased books and, um, these cards of books on my laps. That's why, and I highly recommend to anybody who is, you know, very new to this world, feeling a little intimidated, perhaps we're gonna play some games as part of this live stream.

I highly encourage, uh, you to join in, and I certainly will be very, as vulnerable as I possibly could. Um, with that said, yeah, Bridget, welcome. I'm so thrilled

Brigit Esselmont

you're here. Thank you. I'm excited to be here and I've gotta say it's been so beautiful just watching you open up and blossom to Tara just from a few little creative sparks and it's just landed for you.

And that's, you know, that's the magic that I love being able to create in different people and being able to offer that, um, that doorway really. And hopefully we get to do a little bit of that today.

Fei Wu

Well, I'm so excited. I was really surprised too because prior to knowing you, I had like zero experience with tarot.

Uh, I, I couldn't even tell how many cards in the deck. I, I couldn't tell you exactly what the process is like and was very intuitive, which is part of your business, like an intuitive, uh, business. And, uh, you know, before we opened up, I mentioned, you know, I try this, I try this experience on my mom who's, you know, turning 71 this year.

Chinese and you know, by the sun. And, uh, she found it so interesting and every evening she's like, it's time to play taro again. She's reflecting. So are you, I guess you're not so surprised by that, but we're, you know, even though we're not maybe your target audience necessarily, we was, you know, we weren't your target audience, but we're really able to benefit from this.